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Uh, hi.

Sup, foos.

I am Pasha, and I from now on, I'll be the other Inter Milan blogger. First of all, I'd like to thank Bob for being brave enough to give me the spot here at the awesomely awesome Offside blogging galaxy. Of awesomeness. (me? sucking up? naaaaaaah.)
So like I said, I'm Pasha, I like YOU, football, comic books and occassionally worshipping Satan in my spare time. I also am under delusion that I have a sense of humor, as you can probably tell. But just stick with me. It'll take me a while to get used to this blogging thing and hit my stride, but I promise you it will only get better.

Anyway, since the recent Adriano drama and Inter getting their asses handed out to them in the CL has been so splendorously covered by Michael (can I call you Mike, please?) then I guess it is up to me to bring you the random mish-mosh of other, not so important Nerazzurri news.


Alvaro Recoba has resumed full training with the squad. That essentially means, he will enter a minor game as a substitute eventually, and play some forty seconds before he gets injured again.
Seriously, what is up with that fella? I'm not an expert at these things, but I'm pretty sure that football players are supposed to be a tough, manly bunch. And Recoba... one solid punch would probably kill him. Oh, he's had a haircut too.
It is awful.
Honestly, when he had the generic South American pseudo-mullet, I thought that it was as bad as it could be. But no, my friends. Plain short hair never looked so awful. Just look at him. He looks like one of those guys Pablo Francisco makes fun of in his standup act. I never could've imagined a human being looking that retarded. Except, of course, Paris Hilton, but that's an entirely different story.

Oh, and Massimo Moratti finally realized what a worthless pile of blubber Adriano is, and hopefully he (Adriano, not Moratti) will be packing his suitcases and hauling his sizeable ass out of the Angelo Moratti Centro Sportivo anytime soon.

And speaking of letting go, Esteban Cambiasso should probably make amends with the fact that he has lost most of his hair. Seriously, who is he trying to kid here? Just look at the size of that combover. He puts Donald Trump to shame. To be completely honest with you, I kinda like poor ol' Cambiasso. Honest. His eyes are so cute, and there is something unspeakably adorable about his smile. But sheesh. That thing on his head... It looks gross. If I found something that looks like that in my backyard, I'd probably shoot it. Repeatedly. I wonder if it sticks to his back when he's in the shower?