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Inter vs Empoli 3-1 : A blast from the past


Recoba and Cruz in the starting lineups?

Recoba and Cruz both scoring?

Alvaro Recoba being everywhere and doing everything and making assists and generally being awesome?

Damn, is it 2003 again? My time travel machine is working.

My teenage-girl-fascination with Alvaro aside, he certainly deserves to be named the man of the match for this one. You should've seen that goal he scored. Directly from the bloody corner flag. It's right up there with the freekick against Roma and that thunderbolt he scored at his Inter debut.

But of course, as things with El Chino usually go, something had to go wrong. There he was, nearly crying with joy, his teammates swamping him, Maicon tugging at his foot like some crazy poodle... Heck, even Sinisa was standing near the touchline looking pleased, and as far as I know, those two aren't on the best of terms. And what happens?

Dejan freakin' Stankovic scores a goal only 30 seconds afterwards and takes all the thunder away from poor ol' Recoba. The git. The Inter/Serbia natn'l team fan inside me is happy, but still. Couldn't he wait? -sigh-

Oh, Cruz scored in the 29th minute too. I forgot how amazing it is to watch him and Chino together on the pitch. Frankly, if Recoba was spending less time angling or being injured, Inter could've won that Scudetto much earlier.

I'm just sayin'.

Andreolli was doing miracles in the defence too. I'm starting to believe he's Javier Zanetti's successor. They both look like cyborgs.

Oh, and the Argentine portion of Inter (ie: 95% of the current squad) needs to get a haircut. Is it me, or is Mariano Gonzales the George Constanza of Serie A? Well, except for the fact that Jason Alexander probably could've converted that opportunity in the 90th minute into a goal. "Slalomed against the opponents" my eye - why didn't they bring Solari in?

This match made me all sorts of happy. Too bad ol' JZ wasn't in the starting lineup. But I guess you can't have it all.