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Apparently, Massimo Moratti announced to Rai that he wants Figo to stay at the club. "Yes, but he still didn't want to reply... I asked to him to stay for everyone, because everyone wants him to stay. He knows why it is difficult to stay. I hope he changes his mind and stays, but perhaps he is already thinking of it. I hope he stays with us."

Okay, what. I thought that this was a done deal.

And continuing his "reviving the 2002/2003 season" schtick, Recoba is subtly hinting that he might not actually leave Inter this summer:

"My future? I have always said that I want to be in good form, then I will decide."

Okay what - take two. And the announcer at the yesterday's game said that Chino is staying for another year too. But on the other hand, he also said that Mariano Gonzalez and Deco are from the same country. Heh.