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Suazo and Tevez comin', Figo stayin', Chino leavin', And Bob's your uncle.


+ The ink on Suazo's contract with Inter has barely dried, and he's starting crap already. I have a gut feeling I won't be liking this guy.

+Figo's staying - Horaaaaay! That's old news, I know, but hey. You heard it here first! + Chino, however, is definitely leaving the Nerazzurri and Roma and Atletico Madrid have been touted as the possible destinations. Atletico? - God, please no, but I'll take it. Does sound plausible. But Roma? Hah! Roma already do possess a flamboyant, South American winger with a mug that makes babies cry. And his name's not Alvaro.

+ The updates on the so-called Chivugate are arriving every single second, and frankly, they're making me dizzy. I seriously have no idea what will become of this. But oh wow, it's gonna be fun if he does sign with Inter. Given Mihajlovic's past experience with Romanians, it should be a riot. + Tevez is looking to join Inter. In other news, the sky is blue. + Adriano's just big-boned. I think this is all of the Inter-related transfer stuff so far. Martha and Chris have it all covered pretty damn awesomely anyway.