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Nerazzurri star in ads. Hilarity ensues.


Lo and behold. For some reason, a barely recognizable Fabio Grosso is one of the beefcakes gracing the new D&G underwear ad campaign. I feel kinda violated watching these pictures. Yes, I am a straight teenage girl, but Grosso in his tidy whities just doesn't seem right for me. They did a marvelous job photoshopping his mongoloid chin, so he actually looks pretty hot. But that still doesn't change the fact that it's Fabio Grosso in underpants we're talking about. Inter has many good looking players (names like Zanetti, Cambiasso, Burdisso Matrix and Samuel spring to mind) but Grosso... I haven't been this bemused since Roma took Mancini to advertise their gear for Diadora. (Why, you guys? Taddei and Doni weren't available?)

Anyway, the entire photoshoot seems to have been retouched into oblivion (it took me a while to recognize Oddo, they completely altered his face, actually they completely altered everybody's faces), but it does have its charms. I do prefer the old ads though.

The entire campaign and the high quality pictures are over at le Kickette.

And the other Interista to succumb to the almighty Gods of Marketing is none other than Sinisa Mihajlovic, who appeared in a JAT (Yugoslavian AeroTransport) advertisement next to some Serbian celebrities you're probably not interested in. It is even more embarrassing than Grosso's marketing stint, and he's completely dressed! Sini has only one line, can't seem to relax in front of the camera and makes the most dreaded mistake of all - he keeps checking himself out in the monitor during the entire thing. See for yourself behind the jump. There is another version of the commercial available where he doesn't look so mentally challenged, and it features most of our famous tennis players (too much Jelena Jankovic and no Novak Djokovic, sadly), so I suggest you see that one too. Enjoy.