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Super Suazo - A Hungry Honduran

The signing of David Suazo will prove to be one of the best of any team in Europe over the coming twelve months. The Honduran has established himself as one of the best strikers in Serie A over the past three years with Cagliari and with the Sardinian side imploding, a move to a top club is finally a reward for the Honduran. Strong, muscular and quick, Suazo has built a reputation of scoring goals from all parts of the pitch and is equally capable of causing trouble in the air as he is with his pace. With the service available to him from the likes of Figo, Stankovic et al, the onus will be on him to repeat his high-scoring feats for Cagliari, for whom he set a club record of 23 goals in a season in 2005/06.

Will he start? Well yes, he should. If Ibrahimovic is to be considered a banker, Suazo will offer something else alongside him. Crespo will be useful coming off the bench, as will Cruz. The first of these two Argentinians will be the favourite for the second striking role, but Suazo has shown in the pre-season exactly what he has to offer. As for Adriano, well, he's a story for another post.

It is an embarrassment of riches for Mancini.