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Adriano to go?

News from Italy suggests that Massimo Moratti has turned down a 15 million euro bid from Valencia for Adriano. No sooner do I talk about the "embarrassment of riches" we have in attack than Moratti looks to move some of them on... "25 million is what I want," is the noise coming from Moratti which is fair enough. Whether he will get it is another thing though. After all, we are talking about a striker who has hit rock bottom over the past two years, has rarely shone at club or international level since 2005 and has been more of a liability than a threat in an Inter shirt. The Brazilian has said he has had a lot of personal problems over the past couple of years (not for us to speculate on them), but he has shot his bolt. Time for him to move on and for Moratti to get what he can for him. 15 million is a good sum and certainly more realistic than the 25 million euros he says he wants for him. Are Barcelona and Real Madrid interested in him? Certainly not at that price! Perhaps a loan period away somewhere would do Inter, Adriano and any potential suitors more good than harm?

Failing that, the Brazilian national side, who also play out of the San Siro, might want to take him on?