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Super Coppa, Materazzi and other odds and sods

Patrick Vieira has gone on record as saying he cannot stand sharing a table with Marco Materazzi, a result perhaps of the who Matrix-Zidane spat in some match or the other last year. That's OK, Pat. So long as you two continue to pass to each other. I will give the story its dues, but it has only resurfaced because Materazzi has been talking about what he said to Zidane. What with an autobiography coming out at the end of the month, French coach Domenech complaining about Italian match-fixing and all that all-important Euro 2008 qualifier coming up early next month, Franco-Italian relations are not what they could be.

Team for tonight should look a little something like this: Julio Cesar; Zanetti, Materazzi, Cordoba, Chivu; Vieira, Cambiasso, Figo; Stankovic; Ibrahimovic, Suazo or Crespo.

Corriere dello Sport suggested today that Inter are starting to chase Deco, with 15 million Euros a possible figure for his services. Oooooh, now where would we fit him in? I suppose it means we could lose Dacourt or something...

In response to our friends on the Roma blog: Have a look at the team above: hardly South American All-Stars! Granted, there are five from the continent, but neither are they totally South American nor are they the crop of the continent. So there.

Possible match feeds tonight can be found here.