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Inter Info: 1/21/08

After yesterday's amazing/terrible/exciting/"I can't bear to watch this anymore" game, the daily news for today seems like a waste of time. However, that's what I'm here for, so I'll bring it to you.

Looks like Ibra wants Ronaldinho, just like everyone else. Truthfully, I don't get why everyone is drooling over this guy. Since the World Cup, actually, even in the World Cup, he has been terrible. I'm not sure what it is, fitness or maybe personal issues, but he hasn't played the same since. Also, there are reports that he's a problem in the locker room as well. It's impossible to deny his natural abilities, but is he the same player that he once was? I'm not so sure.

Parma coach Domenico Di Carlo is still pissed. Heck, you can't blame the guy. His team were 5 minutes away from one of the biggest upsets in European football all year. He would of been labeled a god in Parma. Too bad Fernando Couto touched the ball with his hand. Life's funny like that, isn't it. One moment your on top of the world. Next, your just another victim to the Inter machine.

Cambiasso basically reiterating my point from yesterday's post match article. "We faced an excellent Parma who created difficulties for us in several periods of the match, but we managed to overturn the situation with great character and obtain three very important points," Cambiasso said. There it is, he copied me. Seriously though, Inter showing the great character that they have in that game, is a huge positive. Now lets see if both our talent and desire can help us carry that heavy Champions League trophy.

Ibra is saying the same thing that Cambiasso said, so in the true spectrum of things, he's also saying the same thing I said, which means they both copied me. Sorry about that, I'm a little tired. I do like it when Ibra shows responsibility as the main target on the team, "I scored the goal for 2-2 and I wanted to score the third goal at all costs. I managed to and this is very important."

Fatty wants to play at Inter Milan, but if the Nerazzuri don't want him, he'll be happy to cross over to the dark side. "Every player in the world would jump at the chance to play for Milan and I would say I am no different," he explained. I've seen some video of him at São Paulo (got some for you at the bottom of the page), and he looks good. But c'mon, how can you compare the Campeonato Brasileiro Série A to Italian Serie A. It is nice to see that he is committed to getting back in shape, "Let me make one thing clear, I have admitted and will repeat that I did not do well for over a year. However, last summer I looked to turn the page and I have been working hard." Then he kind of blames Mancini for his cow-like figure, "Mancini lets me play two or three game and no more, without explanation. I have him why, but he never properly explains it." That's the problem with this guy. Inter is a huge club, with tons of money at stake. Why would he play if he is not in tip-top shape?

Roma coach Luciano Spalletti cried because Inter won again. There are many different opinions on this matter. Spalletti said, "My feelings are along the same lines as Domenico Di Carlo. I woke up today with a huge feeling of disappointment and the task of lifting the players heads up after they put in such a great performance and made no ground up." He's Basically telling his players that their well played game against Catania was a waste of time, because Inter won again. He can give all the, "I woke up this morning sad, blah blah blah." stories he wants, and so can everyone else, but the fact is that the standings stayed the same.

Some Adriano video at São Paulo: