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A Little Vacation

Just thought I'd let you know now.

I'll be leaving tomorrow night, and coming back on the 6th of February. Wait, what's that you ask? Will I have the daily Inter Info for tomorrow? Why, of course! That'll be my last post before I leave. Hooray.

Also, I apologize in advance for the games I'll be missing. The terrific match this weekend against Udinese, another terrific match against Juve in the Coppa Italia, and the Empoli match. Eh, one shitty match out of three ain't bad.

So, don't forget to tune back on February 6th. (or 7th, depending on what time my flight gets in).

And, as always, Forza Nerazzuri!!!!!

I'm sort of bored, so here's a little video. A tribute to Cruz's terrific perfomance against Juventus. I think we have found Cruz's nickname, The Silent Bomber. (TSB for short). It does make sense, he destroys things, in a "quiet" sort of way. Let me know what you guys think.