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The Game that Shall Not Be Named

Well that was certainly no fun.

The holiday and the necessity of desert products have kept me in the kitchen and away from the computer since the horror occurred. This has given me the distance to look back at the game and shrug my shoulders. Sure, we played like crap and were beaten by a team that had no business walking out of the San Siro with 3 points, but... well... so what. As much as I love my team (and I do love them), I know that this is not the last time this will happen. It may not even be the last time it happens this season. Still, it is the fate of the sports fan to be occasionally disappointed in their team. But we keep coming back. Call it masochism or call it loyalty, we still tune in every game day to hope that this time will be one of the good times. If not, there is always next week.

I could use this space to pick apart the game and examine every mistake we made. Conversely, I could focus on the few good plays (I am sure there must have been a few tucked in there somewhere), but what would be the point. We lost but are not out. We still have one more chance (against Werder) to redeem ourselves in Europe. I will just trust that Mourinho and his little pad of paper will take care of that which requires taking care of.

Whose name is he writing this time?

Instead of picking scabs, lets just look forward. Besides, I really dont want to have to read through the press about how much we suck. I cant imagine any of them will say anything that I dont already know. So, everyone take a breath, calm your mind, and, if you can, go out and play in the snow. Sunday will come soon enough.

Fun in the snow 2