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Inter Info: 2/20/08

What's up my dawgs? For the first time this year, I'm still trying to learn how to deal with a shitty loss. Until yesterday, our first loss was sometime in September (I think) against Fenerbahce in the group stages of the CL. So yeah, this "new world" is, well, new to me. And the rest of you Nerazzurri faithful. However, I think I have the solution. Bury it. That's right, throw that shit away faster than old milk. We've talked about it enough, there's still plenty of soccer to play. Both in Serie A and CL, but let's leave the CL talks alone till' the time comes. In other news, get your telescopes out for the lunar eclipse. For those of you who cut science class in 5th grade to blow up the shit filled toilets with a cherry bomb instead of learning about the terrific wonders of science, a lunar eclipse occurs whenever the Moon passes through some portion of the Earth’s shadow. This will be the last full lunar eclipse until 2010 (Hmm, coincidence. WC. Maybe?). You'll also get to see cameo appearances by Saturn and the bright star Regulus on either side of the veiled full moon. Huh, and who said that stupid ass project in 5th grade would go to waste? (Unless you cut. Of course.) At least after that you know how to make one of those boxes that help you see the eclipse better. Here's your daily fix. (Or special lunar eclipse seeing box.)

----> Oh shit. Seems like Ibra has been talking some shit. Now, he hasn't really done anything all year for me to criticize him, but I think that has finally ended. You can't blame this loss on Matrix, if you look at the replay's there isn't one person out there that can honestly say both of those fouls were yellow cards, so I don't know what Ibra's talking about. Plus, he should really keep his mouth shut after that performance. "What happened [tonight]?", to which the Swede angrily replied, "Why don’t you go and ask Materazzi what happened?". Considering both of these guys huge ego's, I think this may escalate quick.

----> Cordoba is in trouble. Read here also. According to doctors, there was a break in the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. I'm not really sure what that is, but it sounds bad. He'll have to undergo arthroscopic surgery to repair the damage. Knee surgery and soccer never mix. (It's like oj and milk. It just doesn't work.) He's gone for the season, face it. We can deal with it, we must. So, it looks like Burdisso and Chivu will have to step in at CB. Time to show all those Roman haters what you can do Chivu. And me as well.

----> Il Capitano believes. And so do I. As he said, there's still a long 90 minutes to play, anything can happen. Plus were at the San Siro, that's an even longer 90 minutes. Forza Us.

----> Moratti wants to slaughter the referee like a herd of cattle. (Sorry about that gruesome metaphor. I'm still a bit bitter about yesterday. Ya' know?) "We have lost the first match, and I have nothing to say against the coach or the players. Perhaps something about the referee. I thought both of Materazzi's bookings were severe. There are certain matches in which you can't afford to play with ten men against eleven, but the team still gave a heroic performance, a display of character, because we held up against the Liverpool attack and their crowd." Nice comment, and that's exactly how I feel. Against Anfield, Liverpool, and 11 men, we held our own. He also said that Kuyt's goal was lucky shit, which it was because of the deflection off Maicon..

----> Mancini wants to kill someone too. Maybe him and Moratti should go to the shooting range? It was nothing serious, just a little war of words with a Red's fan at the airport. Hey, a little fire never hurt anyone.

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