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Inter Info: 2/21/08

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What's up my dawgs? Hope life's been treating you well up to this point, because this weekend, it seems as if we're screwed. I'll just get right to the point, the game this weekend can be found no where on T.V. It's defiantly not on FSC, and I don't think it's on Rai International. (If someone can double check on that, it would be great. Thanks.) So, after talking to a few people very familiar with the underground world of crazy Asian streaming, I've found 2 sites that I hope will work. Both (compliments of Kabir) and seem like the best options. Personally, I like better. However, you will have to register to watch the game, but it's short and free. I haven't used the site before, so I'm not sure how good the quality is or if it even works. If you don't like it, there's always In other news, some dude found a pretzel that he thinks is shaped like the Virgin Mary holding baby Jesus. He has been holding it for three years, and has put it on ebay. Within the first hour the bidding rose to $1,000. Good spending decisions, and people wonder why our economy is worse than Mogadishu's. Here's your daily fix. (Or $1,000 pretzel.)

----> Mancini must really hate airports. The first time it was with a few drunken Brits, but now this? Our own Nerazzurri faithful? According to reports it was a fan who started the "fight". "When were you preparing to bring on Suazo?" , one fan proposed. Mancini answered, "What did you say?". Then, they both basically swore their asses off at each other. I understand every one's pissed, but it was our first loss in five moths. What did everyone expect, to never lose a game again? I know it's hard to adjust to this lifestyle, but it was going to come sooner or later. Mancini has done a great job, yeah, he should of brought in Suazo, but we shouldn't call for his head because he didn't bring in Davey.

----> Ibra wants to attack. He said that he still believes Inter are a better team than Liverpool. When asked if they should play a 4-3-3 for the second leg, he replied, "This is a decision that Mancini has to make." But, he did say this, "We must score at least two goals. There are two things we have to execute. The first is to attack because our game is made to attack, not to defend." Personally, I believe he's saying that he felt Mancini put out to much of a defensive side at Anfield. I agree, but you can't blame him. An away leg is always a scary thing, so you can't criticize Mancini for thinking defensive. However, I do agree with Ibra that on the return leg we must be an offensive force. Obviously. I am also warming up to the idea of a possible 4-3-3.

----> The media are trying to get all they can out of Ibra vs. Matrix Round I. Their saying that recent comments by Ibra (see yesterdays post) has caused some tension for everyone in the club. Recently, the team was at a media function in London, but Ibra and Matrix refused to speak to each other. Reportedly, this was an embarrassment for everyone at the function. I'm calling bullshit. Both of these guys hate to lose (Ibra may not have shown that at Anfield, but he's an intense competitor.), so I don't think they would let such a thing get in the way of winning. Also, the Matrix hasn't said anything back yet. Knowing this guy, if it was anything serious, he would of already laid out Ibra after training.

----> 19 year-old Croatian midfielder Ivan Rakitic of Schalke, has confirmed contact from Inter. (Read here as well.) In 20 games, he has 2 goals and five assists. That's nothing amazing, but Inter seem to really like his general play. I haven't seen him play, ever. So I can't comment on it. But if anyone out there has seen him play, please, be my guest.

----> Here's the disciplinary situation for this weekends game verses Samp.

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