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Inter Info: 2/25/08

What's up my dawgs? I'm still a bit disappointed with yesterdays performance, but I'll get over it. I'm pissed because I thought they would come out with a bit more, "fire and desire". (I sound just like the Knickerbockers own Walt Clyde Frazier. That's right, "swishin and dishin". Huh, what a sad Knick fan I am.) Some players (fucking Vieria) seemed as if they had taken 12 Tylenol before the game, a.k.a dead. NO, we have not yet hit crisis mode, but we are getting closer. YES, we still have a 9 point lead. BUT, as I said in my match preview, I wasn't looking for points, I was looking for reassurance. And I didn't get that. The Roma game on Wednesday, (Which I'll have a match preview for tomorrow.) may be the biggest league game of the year. We win, it's over. We loose, the race continues. In other news, George Washington's hair is expensive. A Richmond man, who declined to give his name (wonder why?), purchased 4 strands of Washington's hair (supposedly) for $17,000. Imagine that scene when he got home, "Hunny I had to sell the car to buy something of sentimental importance to me." Then the wife says, "Wow, the car? But, if it's important to you.....What is it?" "Hair." Here's your daily fix. (Or George Washington's hair, on sale for $14,000. What a deal.)

----> This is bullshit. I knew Cordoba was going to be out, but Zlatan as well? He wasn't there for the Samp game, due to a knee injury, which I thought was bullshit. But apparently, it's serious enough for him to be miss the most important league game of the year. My question is, when did he get this knee injury? He was fine during the Liverpool game, and didn't play at Samp. Well? So this basically leaves us with TSB and/or Suazo, Crespo. Does Mancio have the testes to not play TSB? (On a bit of a brighter note, Roma will be without the services of Mancini and Juan.)

----> Excuse my language, but who the fuck votes on these things. I'm basically asking, why is The Matrix there? The person who wrote this must of been either: a) blind, or b) on a heavy dosage of codeine.

----> You have disappointed me, Mancini. "Vieira for me is not a problem. He had a good match, too good given his current physical condition." Was he taking some codeine before the match with the guy? I thought that we would definitely see Manico rip Vieira to shreds, and make him run home crying, all the way back to the Prem. But no, he thought he played good. What kind of shit is that? Maybe he thinks there's enough tension in and around the club, and he doesn't want to cause anymore? He just can't let this go, he must discipline this waste of life.

----> Here's the ref for Wednesday.

----> Here are the league scoring leaders.

Video of the Day

A tribute to the ultimate poacher, and this weekends savior, Hernan Crespo