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Inter Info: 2/8/08

What's up my dawgs? Just starting to get back into the "normal" routine of life after my vacation, and it sucks. It's sort of like a terrible detox. (That comparison is for those in my audience who enjoy to ride the white pony every now and again.) For those of you who aren't addicted to the Erythroxylon coca plant, (google that shit if you don't get it) it's like being a fat kid who is forced to eat jalapeno pasta with rattlesnake sausage instead of a Big Mac he really wants. Enough about my life, here's your daily fix. (Or your daily bowl of jalapeno pasta with rattlesnake sausage. I'm just saying.)

----> Numerous sources have reported that Figo is finally ready to return from injury. He fractured his leg against Juventus on Game Day 11 in November. Read here, and here. Let's face it, he's 35 years-old and not getting any younger. He still may have some of his skill left, but he has no where near the stamina he needs to play 90 minutes, especially after this injury. Don't expect him to start anytime soon.

----> Some comments on yesterdays post discussed Moratti's interest and possible bid for Cristiano Ronaldo in the summer. This speculation grew even stronger when Moratti was spotted watching Italy’s 3-1 victory over Luiz Felipe Scolari’s Portugal in Zurich on Wednesday evening. However, according to, F.C. Porto star Ricardo Quaresma caught Moratti's eye. Many reports have suggested that Porto President Pinto Da Costa has set an initial asking price of just £11m, far less than what Ronaldo would cost Inter. Having watched the International Friendly, I must say, I was pleasantly surprised. Ricardo's skill level may not be "up to par" with Ronaldo's, but how many players in the world are? He works hard, has extremely quick feet, and is said to be a great teammate. Plus he may only cost us £11m, that's chump change. A good player for a cheap price, I say pull the trigger on this one Massimo.

----> Stefano Farina it is. That's the man who will be in charge during Inter's clash with Catania at the Stadio Massimino.

Wait, why am I writing about who will be the ref? Has calcio, and sports in general come to this? Examining who will be the referee instead of who will be playing in the actual game? If a team wins a lot of games, or a player hits a lot of home runs, must they be cheating? What ever happened to good ol' fashioned talent?

I could never understand why people must always look for that "loop-hole" instead of just applauding a team's terrific play. Oh, and just for the record, ref's have been making mistakes for years in every game, in every league, on every continent around the world. They are human after all. I'm not positive about this one, but I bet you've made one or two mistakes in your near perfect life time. Haven't you? That's what I thought. So why when it happens to Inter, must they be cheating. Is it just because of the terrific run they have had in Serie A stretching back to last season? I'm really not sure. But I do know one thing, this weekend I will enjoy the GAME. Not the ref's calls, just good old fashioned footy. I hope you do the same.

P.S. Sorry about that little rant I had. See what happens when I get all heated and shit? Anyways, I'll have the match preview verses Catania either later today or tomorrow.

So till I see ya', see ya'.