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Goodbye Manico, Hello Mourinho

Inter(0)-Liverpool(1): Liverpool Advance

mourinho.jpg If you read this page with any consistency, you probably know that this is the spot where I basically "sum up" the game. Ya' know, give you a bit of a recap, and let you know you know what I thought of certain situations. But, in light of today’s loss, and Manico's moments of sheer brilliance, I have something a little different in store for you. Enclosed is a letter, to Mancini. What's in it? You'll just have to read on to find out.

Dear Mancio,

Hello, how are you? I would guess terrible after that thumping your team just received due to your tactical moves. Or should I say, lack there of. I am in a "heated" state right now, so if I make fun of your mother, grandmother, dead relative, pet, dead pet, or any ongoing diseases you might have, please don't take it seriously. But, everything I say about your coaching decisions, I mean. So take that VERY seriously.

My growing, and secret, hate for you didn't just start today. It has been brewing for a while now, and stems all the way back to the start of the games after the winter break. I don't know why, but some of the moves you were making just got under my skin. But, I kept quite, and left you alone. Then, I almost blew a casket in the Roma game. Remember, when you made our final sub in the 65th minute? I kept my composure though, and blamed it on a "heavy trigger finger" to cover your ass. Today was your chance to redeem yourself. Get the W today, and all is forgotten. For some odd reason, it seemed as if you didn't know what the situation was, and did the opposite.

Just to remind you, we came into that game 2 goals down. But you insist on fielding a lineup that consists of Vieira. It wasn’t that you played him, it was where you put him. Same with Dejan. What the fuck were you thinking? Seriously, did you snort cocaine with Talentino before picking that lineup? (So that’s really why he was there) Or did you just throw names down the steps and play them where ever they landed? Why was Vieira on the wing? That French bitch snuffed you, and you start him. The fucking man is 40 years old and seems to need a new hip. It looked like you were trying to achieve the Christmas tree formation. Did you ever give Jimmy a thought? Considering that’s where he plays best, it’s just a suggestion. You must have some sort of memory disorder, because you played a defensive style formation when we needed 2 goals.

Ah, now let's get to your terrific substitute endeavors. Against Roma you we're playing Russian Roulette when you didn't have to, and today you didn't play when you should of. What the fuck is wrong with you? You're FIRST sub was in the 76th minute, Vieira for Pele. It took you 76 minutes to see that Vieira couldn't cut it? It took 76 minutes for you to realize he was losing EVERY ball and killing our midfield? My, what a tacticin you turned out to be. Next sub, Zlatan for Suazo. Holy Shit. We need goals, so take off our leading goal scorer. The final sub, Jimmy for Dejan. A little late for Jimmy to do much of anything, don't you think?

It's nice to see you've saved yourself the embarrassment of being fired, by stepping down. So you're going to put your priorities ahead of the team? A true professional doesn't make an announcement so abrupt in the fashion you did. Classless piece of shit. I'm not sure how much more you could fuck things up, but we still have a Scudetto to win. And with you holding the reigns, I don't feel too comfortable. You've been given millions and millions to spend, and you've failed us time and time again. I think I speak for all Nerazzurri fans, when I say, thanks for nothing.

Robert Milan

I'm not going to do the usual goals, cards, substitutes, and ratings shit. I think I've said enough. However, I would like to add a few things. First, this is good team. Actually their a great team. But when you have a coach that is tactically retarded, it's very hard to compete with the best of Europe. Second, we did have our flurry of chances, just couldn't seem to find the back of the net. Finally, Il Capitano may just be the greatest Nerazzurri ever, Rivas is better than I thought, Figo hates Manico as well, Moratti is probably beating his dog right now, and Vieira will always be a piece of shit.


Oh, and,


P.S.- I can't believe I'm saying this, but.......good luck Roma. I hope you can bring the pride to Italy that Manico has lost for us. Oh, and forza Fiorentina.