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Inter Info: 3/12/08 "My Luck Is Shit"

What's up my dawgs? We lost yesterday. So what? Our coach is an egotistical asshole who plays Vieira on the wing. So what? It's another year of European disaster. So what? I know I came out a little strong yesterday, making it sound like Armageddon was about to hit. But let me reassure all you of Interista's, despite everything that has happened, we are not by any means in "crisis mode". We still have the opportunity to go for the Italian double, with a comfortable 6 point lead in league play, and Lazio as our next opponent in the Coppa Italia. There are a lot of teams who would give up a few fingers and maybe even a limb or two to be in this situation. However, I still want Manico out. Yes, he has won us MANY domestic trophies, and took us out of the terrible drought of the 90's. But, and I think I speak for all Nerazzurri fans (please, correct me if you feel otherwise), we want some European hardware. In other news, 101 year-old "Buster" Martin is crazy, and I love him. He's training to become the oldest person to ever finish a marathon. For a side job, he washes vans for a plumbing company about 3-4 days a week. What's his secret to staying so fit? He turns water breaks, into beer breaks. Here's your daily fix. (Or 101 year-old beer drinking, marathon running, plumber van cleaning dude.)

----> 'Mourinho or Benitez', says the Corriere dello Sport. You see, I told you so. Moratti loves these two guys. I like both of them as well, but Mourinho a little better. Both of them are terrific tacticians, but what Jose did to Drogba at Chelsea was amazing. In order for Zlatan to reach his "peak", he needs the same guidance. I think Mourinho is the man to do it.

----> Am I amazing or what? They should start paying me for this shit, because all these guys are copying me. Former Inter coach Gigi Simoni said, "I’m perplexed. It seems so absurd. The team are fighting for a Scudetto that seemed to be in the bag and this kind of news is badly timed." That's exactly what I mean. Yeah, maybe I was a bit harsh on Manico, but he deserved it. When he said that, he put himself, ahead of OUR team. Not cool. Not cool at all.

----> No contact, yet. Mourinho's agent Eladio Parames had this to say, "As far as I am aware he has not spoken to the Inter president." Well, that's kind of an obvious statement. I mean, it's only been about 24 hours. He went on to say, "Definitely he will be managing a top-flight club in Europe next season. I cannot tell you which club it will be, but he will be back, for sure. Why does he prefer Italy or Spain rather than England? Because he wants new challenges." Hmm, is that a hint? "It does not mean that he will not return to England. He can do, but I am not seeing Liverpool, Manchester United, Chelsea or Arsenal sacking their managers." That basically rules out anyone in England looking to pick him up. And then this, "I believe that Benfica have already defined their future coach profile. I do not think Mourinho suits it and there has not been any contact either," basically shuts down him going to Benfica. It's a little thing called process of elimination, try it.

----> Some feel it's not definite. Both Dejan and Cambiasso feel Manico may reconsider. I think it's time to let go guys. Moratti is pissed, a majority of high powered club officials are pissed, and that only means one thing. There have been some great times, but everything must end at one time or another.

----> Manico to Chelsea? He'll never go to Juve or Milan, Roma has their guy, so who's left. Maybe another mid-table team in Italy? I'm not so sure. Truthfully, I can see this man going to England. I wish him the best after he leaves Inter, but it will be sweet if we get Jose, Chelsea gets Manico, and we play in the CL. And we whip the shit out them.

----> Do we really need another goalie. Word on the street is that, Inter are set to send Luis Suárez to watch highly-rated goalkeeper Diego Alves play for Almeria against Barcelona on Sunday before making a decision on whether to make a bid. The 22 year-old had recently went 678 minutes without conceding a goal. It's believed that several top European clubs will be at the game on Sunday. JC is amazing. End of story. However, he is 28, and like every other human, he will continue to get older. Plus this kid only has a buyout clause of €15m. That's chump change baby.

----> Il Capitano is happy with the effort. "There's a lot of disappointment, because we controlled this match and we had the chances to re-open the qualification." I agree 100%. We had our chances to close the gap, but we couldn't seal the deal. I guess some days the ball just doesn't want to go in the net, and other days it does. Oh, and Il Capitano, I love you.

----> Moratti had no idea. "It was surprising. Clearly I did not expect it and I don’t think anybody else did, either, not even those close to him." Was his statement just a "heat of the moment" thing? I don't think so. People do say some crazy shit when their mad, but to say you'll will step down from a great position like Manico has, takes some thought before hand. You don't just pull stuff like that out of your ass.

----> Moratti was interviewed at his Milan residence late this afternoon. Here's what he had to say.

----> In case you have a deep love for Manico, here's some facts about the dudes life. Soccer wise. Perverts.

----> IMPORTANT: I really do believe I have the worst luck in the world. Literally seconds after I posted this, someone showed me this. Talk about shitty luck. And since I'm wayyyy to lazy to do ANOTHER post, I'll just take a shortcut. None of my "news tidbits" (I like that) don't even really refer to him "officially" retiring any ways. So, I think my ass is safe. Now, reading Italian has never been my strong point, but from what I can understand and from what free-translation told me, I think Manico may be staying. But I'm not sure. Then after seeing that, I found the English version about 10 minutes later. Here. Oh, what a day of luck it has been for me. Maybe I should go and buy the lottery. No matter what happens, I still stick to my opinion. I want him out.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.