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Inter Info: 3/13/08

What's up my dawgs? Will he go or will he stay? That's the question on the mind of Nerazzurri fans, and all fans of the worlds game. After the Liverpool game, the answer was no. Then yesterday, after meeting with Moratti, he had a change of heart. And is back, for now. Personally, I think Moratti was pissed at such an abrupt statement by Manico, feared a late season collapse, and tricked him into staying. Then fire his ass at the end of the year. That is Moratti's worst fear, Manico losing control of this team, and letting the Scudetto slip through his hands. That's my worst fear as well, and I bet most of yours. I wouldn't expect to see him next year, but for now, he's the guy. In other news, I-I-I-I-I have NOTHING to say. She lived on a toilet bowl for 2 years, and it became a part of her. For the first time in my life, I'm speechless. Here's your daily fix. (Or toilet bowl accessory.)

----> Are we falling apart?. writer, Carlo Garganese, who I like to call Fatty Number 2, thinks we are. He points to the Figo, Vieira, and mini Crespo situation a few moths ago. He also claims that training has been separated into 2 groups, those who want Manico to stay and those who want to see him go. Sounds like an 8th grade schoolyard to me. We all know loves their drama, especially when it's to shoot a spitball at Inter (another 8th grade reference for ya'll). This shit is no different. I said this yesterday, and I'll say it today. WE ARE NOT IN A CRISIS. It's not me being "blind" to the situation because I'm a Inter fan. All of those situations with those 3 players involved the same thing, playing time. They are professionals, they want to play. They want to help their team, and when they don't, they get angry. That shit happens in damn U-12 teams across the world. So let's not blow shit out of proportion. We have not been playing the best calcio of late, but we have 99% of the team hurt (or so it seems). We have a six point cushion, and are in the Semi's of the Coppa Italia. Relax.

----> Now that's what I want to see. According to the Gazzetta dello Sport and Corriere dello Sport, Mancini will be gone by the end of the year, Scudetto or not. I've already said that this is my personal opinion on what will happen, and it seems these two sources have the same feeling as well. What do you think will happen? (Also, read here.)

----> STAY THE FUCK AWAY. Tuttosport are saying that English giants Chelsea recently went to see Super Mario play on Inter's Primavera team, and left with their jaws hitting the floor. The Nerazzurri are close to locking him up, but haven't done it yet. Those damn Brits better stay away. Please Moratti, lock this kid up and throw away the key. (Here as well.)

----> Gianfelice Facchetti, the son of great Nerazzurri Giacinto, is pissed. "His interview was out of place. He put the whole club in trouble and especially the President. It was an inopportune declaration because the season still has a long time to run and his side had showed good character despite the defeat against Liverpool." Now, the only reason this kid's words hit the press is because of this daddy. But, he does reiterate my point. The top reason I was pissed at Mancio? The timing of his resignation. Well, what WAS his resignation. We still have a lot to play for, and something dumb like that can really ruffle some feathers. Now, he's going to have to walk on a tightrope when talking to the media and his players.

----> Remember yesterday? Shitty luck, paragraphs of what seemed to be Manico's statement saying he would be coming back in Italian, and just overall not knowing what the fuck was going on. Well, this is probably much easier to understand for most of you.

----> Federico Balzaretti is scared like a little bwaby. "I think that Inter will be angrier after their Champions League exit. I think that it is the worst time to be taking them on because they will be focused and determined to tighten their grip on a Scudetto that isn’t in the bag." The dude does have a point. First, they will obviously be playing with a chip on their shoulder. Second, they have one focus now, the Sucdetto, and that's bad news for everyone who's trying to catch them.

----> Oh, Congrats Viola. Forza Italia.

----> Here's the disciplinary situation for Sunday. No one, from either team, is suspended.

----> Today's training roundup. Cordoba had his surgery, and will continue his rehabilitation program in Florida.

Picture of the Day:

His reign continues......for now.