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Inter Info: 3/14/08 "Vaca, Again"

What's up my dawgs? Yes, the rumors are true. You're beloved Nerazzurri news dude/pre-match dude/post match dude/overall dude will be going away tomorrow. Relax, relax, not forever, just until next Sunday. So that means you guys are going to be on your own for the Palermo game this Sunday, the Genoa game on Wednesday (of course there's a mid-week game when I go on vacation), and the Uventus game next Saturday. Now, if this was a paying job, my ass would of been fired by now. But it's not, so I'm in the clear. The Palermo game will be in between okay and good, the Genoa game is the Genoa game, and the Uventus game is the real big miss. Well, looks like you guys (and gals) will have to hold down shop until I return. In other, less important news, watch your mouth boy! Or that's what people in South Pasadena, Cali are saying. For one week, no cursing will be allowed. Think about that for a second. Could you do it? It would probably be a lot tougher for those of you who live in the bigger cities and must deal with traffic, buses, cab drivers, old people, older people, and soccer moms. However, for those of you who find themselves stuck in traffic behind cattle, I think it would be much easier. Right? Here's your daily fix. (Or your @*&#ing news.)

----> Fatty to Manico, 'I love you'. Or at least, that's what his agent said. "The relationship with Mancini is good, as has been the case with all the coaches Adriano has worked with. He is a professional and has never given the coach problems over the task of choosing who he should put on the field." Never given him problems? How about showing up to "camp" looking like a whale? How about going crazy for his birthday party the night before a match? C'mon, enough of this bullshit. Seriously. Time to unload this lard ass, I've had enough of his shit.

----> Now Manico is making demands? According to the Gazzetta dello Sport, Mancini agreed to stay only if some demands were met. His demand? Dump Luis Figo, Adriano, and Alvaro Recoba. Who is he trying to threaten with these joke demands. Adriano is fat, Figo may be retiring any ways, and Recoba is on Torino and wears a face mask. I'm not sure how much truth there is to this, so I'm not going to take it too far.

----> Moratti is still pissed. He may be the one who convinced Manico to come back, but he still has a little bitterness towards him. "It was a reaction of the coach following the defeat - the wrong way to blow off steam." He's right, it was a very "bush league" play. But winning cures everything, so let's see how things turn out.

----> The Azzurri line up Belgium as a pre-Euro warm up. Belgium have not qualified for the tourney, so it shouldn't be too tough of a task. The game will take place on May 30th, at the Stadio Artemio Franchi in Florence. However, they have a friendly setup with a more formidable opponent, Spain, for March 26th. Forza Azzurri.

----> A few schedulaing changes for weeks 31-34.

----> Here's today's training info. Some good news. Max trained with the team, but sat out the practice game. Slowly but surely, he's making progress.

----> Andrea De Marco to ref. He refereed Inter's 2-0 wins away to Cagliari (16/12/07) and at home to Livorno (16/02/08). He's 2-0 for us, good news.

----> I may be able to get a post up tomorrow for the match preview, but I'm not making any promises.

Video of the Day:

A tribute to one of my favorite Nerazzurri ever, Walter Zenga.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.