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Inter Info: 3/26/08

What's up my dawgs? I haven't seen some calcio in a while now, and I'm sort of feening for some. Thankfully, there's a nice lineup of International friendlies to keep myself occupied until this weekend. The U.S. game just started, so I'm going to be watching that. I have the Brazil game being "TiVoed", and the Azzurri game starts at 4:45 pm ET. However, the only thing that can successfully scratch this addictive itch is either, a) a meaningful International match b) a Nerazzurri game. Since option "a" won't be happening for a while, looks like I'll have wait until Saturday. Or, I can just play a few games of Fifa. There's nothing that that can't fix. In other news, don't buy vodka from Bayou Bob. This crazy dude sticks a rattle snack inside a perfectly good bottle of vodka, and calls it "ancient Asian elixir". Ancient Asian my ass. He was arrested by authorities on charges of, selling alcohol without a license and possessing alcohol with intent to sell. His defense? "It's almost a spiritual thing." Here's your daily fix. (Or ancient Asian elixir.)

----> A prophecy from Il Capitano. "I can make a prophecy. The man who will take us out of this predicament is Crespo. I know very well my friend Hernan - in the delicate moments he always knows what to do." Crespo hasn't got much of a chance to shine this season, starting only nine times. But, Ibra has a nagging injury that may keep him out against Lazio. I swear, if Il Capitano calls this one right, he TRULY is the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST. They do have that Argentinan connection thing going on.

----> Manico out Mourinho in. No, wait. Maybe not? It is becoming increasingly hard to follow this damn story. Just yesterday, it was reported that Moratti was close to sacking Manico. But, due to the backing of the players, Moratti decided to hold off until the summer. Now, he's saying this, "I have no meetings nor do I have any planned [with Mourinho] There will be no revolution." I'm not sure what to think of this situation anymore. My head has been turned around in many different ways, I don't even know which way it's facing. Well, at least there won't be any revolution.

----> Ya' see. This is what I mean. According to the Corriere dello Sport, Moratti is set to offer Jose a four-year deal worth over €5m a season. Once again, my head has been spun.

----> Amazing. This team has been playing great recently, and it's terrific to see them get these 3 points back. They play with a "Serie B" squad, but they find ways to win. They even look good at times. I've always secretly been a Cagliari fan. Actually, they are my second team. Guess it's not such a secret now anymore.

----> Looks like Ibra will play. During a meeting yesterday, Professor Alfredson from Sweden – accompanied by club doctor Franco Combi – ruled there was no need for surgery on a recurring left knee problem. However, he did advise only light training for Ibra during his first week of rehabilitation. So much for that.

----> Barzagli is for sale. While the front runners for the 26 year-old are the Viola, ya' never know. Our back line aren't getting any younger, injuries have been plentiful, and the Matrix just isn't the Matrix anymore. I'm just saying.

----> Here's the list of our guys who will be in International action today.

----> Here's the disciplinary situation for this Saturday. Mutarelli will be out for Lazio, and Cruz will be out for us.

----> Here's the training info for today.

----> Here's the info for Ibra's individual training session.

Video of the Day:

In light of today's game, a terrific video of the Azzurri's trials and tribulations.