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Inter Info: 3/27/08

What's up my dawgs? The Azzurri lost yesterday, 1-0 to the Spaniards. That was definitely not a successful way to stop my "itch" for calcio. They played "ehh". Not bad, but not good. There were a few points in the match that were terrific, but then there were times that made you cry. True, it is just a friendly. But, it's still a match. No one can tell me that professional athletes don't like to win. So, I expect, every chance they have to win, they go for it 100%. I just didn't see that need for "blood" from all the players. Whatever, The U.S. of A played great. Plus, I started a new season in Fifa with Treviso. What? (Oh, and this is for Mohi. I will pick up your suggestion, and try out Pro Evolution. But I've been a Fifa child for a while now, and I don't think I can stay away from home very long.) In other news, have I ever mentioned that the Japanese are out of their minds? It's hard to explain. Read for yourself. Oh, and you guessed it. No comment. Here's your daily fix. (Or paper spacesh-, ohhh it's no use. They're going to drop a paper airplane from space. There, I said it. Damn.)

----> Cannavaro, 'We'll kick your ass when it counts.' Fabio does have a point. Yes, the game was an important psychological factor before Euro. But, it was still a FRIENDLY, and didn't mean anything Euro wise. Or even WC wise for that matter. I'm confident this team will show up in full force when it matters. Fabio also said this, "We are not machines and we do make mistakes, although I did not expect that my clearance would be met by a fine volley." Then afterwards, he let out a series of "large" laughs, and promptly said, "Yes, yes, the gig is up, we are machines. I lied, and I'm sorry. Now, please remove yourself. Underwear ads are calling my name."

----> Now Moratti is saying tha- well, you know the drill. "Despite what you say in your TV programmes, these are all rumours that should be denied, but we no longer have the patience to do so. They are all lies, so I hope they don't have an influence on Saturday's performance." Well, I think tha- ohhh, yet again, you know the drill.

----> Is this more bullshit? Didier's run at Stamford Bridge is all but over, so why not start a new run at the San Siro? He'll cost around €20m, which we obviously have. Plus, it seems that Manico will be out at the end of the year. So, he may be looking to hook up with Jose again. The only problem I have? Ibra is a superstar striker with a huge ego, Didier is a superstar striker with a huge ego. It usually doesn't mix. (If you hate, I have it here as well.)

----> Training info for today here, here, and here. They doubled it up on the training for Ibra.

----> The date has been set. Wednesday April 16th at 20:45, will be the first leg of the Coppa Italia semi-final against Lazio.

It's a slow news day. Go play some Fifa. Or Pro Evolution, if you're a loser and weren't hugged as a child.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.