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Inter Info: 3/3/08 "Post Mortem"

What's up my dawgs? Reality just hit me a few hours ago, we lost. For the first time, in league play, the other team scored more goals than us. It's not like I'm on the verge of poisoning my own soup with a heavy dosage of peroxide or anything though. It's a weird feeling, sort of like when you see a person backing out of a parking spot and their about to hit someone, but you don't stop it. You allow life to take its course, and have some shits and giggles on that course. You know the outcome, but you just can't bring yourself to stop it. That's what the feeling is like, it hurts, but I knew it was going to come. Now that's it's over, it's like I can actually relax. Imperturbable. Yup, that's it. In other news, this cat must be Jesus. He survived a tornado, then was set on fire by his owners. After all that, the doctor describes him as, "He smells like an old, scorched wool blanket. His feet pads are peeling off. But they'll heal. I think he'll be OK." That's why the cat's name is Charlie Brown, that kid always seemed like he smelt like shit. That's why he hung out with a bird. Here's your daily fix. (Or Jesus Cat.)

----> The Matrix is feeling a revival. "We have to show what we're made of at difficult times. I think we will show it in our next, important matches." Good idea, considering they haven't won in the past four games. Look, yesterday was bad, but there are tons of calcio yet to be played and we can't bury ourself after ONE loss. If we do, we can kiss everything (Scudetto included) goodbye. We must bounce back, (even if it's against a team like Reggina) and start kicking some ass again.

----> Moratti is in his 2nd stage. There are four stages to the Moratti pissed off scale, or as I like to call it, The Moratti Meter. Stage 1, the 'everything is terrific and I love Manico and the entire squad' stage. Stage 2, the 'I'm a little disappointed, but we must remain calm. We have to make sure we don't fall into a crisis' stage. Stage 3, The 'Things must change quickly, or a lot of changes will be made' stage. And finally, Stage 4, the 'Goodbye Manico, welcome Bruce Arena. Goodbye Il Capitano, welcome Cobi Jones' stage. In which case I, and the rest of the Nerazzurri faithful, burn each other at the stake. It's only at stage 2, but as you can see, if we let this crazed oil dude get to stage 4, he is very irrational.

----> Cassano not a champion?. As mush as I love the guy, I can't defend him on this one. He's a terrific talent, but showed yesterday the reason why he hasn't yet lived up to his most promising potential. He also made a move backwards regarding his Euro 2008 bid. But, I must say, the shit he pulled is one of the reasons why I love him so much. I'm not condoning what he did, he should receive a penalty. But, in a day and age when everyone is looking for the perfect athlete for their little kids to look up to, there's Cassano. He's a nut job, and just lets his emotions ride right on his sleeve. I guess to be great, you have to be a bit crazy. I mean, look at Ozzy Osbourne, Jimi Hendrix, and Diego Maradona. All those guys have a few screws loose up their head. Forza Cassano. (When he gets back from suspension. Of course.)

----> "I'm sorry.", JC. "I had three things in mind when I made that mistake. First I thought the ball would move more quickly and that I could get it with my hands, then I thought of clearing the ball, and then I thought of giving it to Chivu, but unfortunately I did none of these three things, and gave it to Zalayeta." That sounds like a lot of shit to be thinking about in a half a second span, maybe that's why he found himself at the half line. I guess JC tends to day dream. None the less, there's no need to apologize. He did enough to repay that one mistake, that one really shitty mistake. Your apology is accepted JC, but there's no need for it. Just stay inside the net, save everything that comes your way, and me and you will be b.f.f.l t.d.d.u.p.

----> Milan will be coloured in black and blue this weekend. March 8th and 9th, the day of Inter's long awaited 100th anniversary, will be commemorated with numerous organised events. If you're not in Milan, you can't take part in the festivities. But, thanks to me, you can do this. One of my 100 reasons to love Inter? The hate/death threats that I receive daily here at theoffsides. What would this place be without us?

----> Here's the entire Moratti interview from when arrived this morning at the Saras offices.

Picture of the Day:

More controversy from Antonio. I love it. I love him. Also, that goal he scored was kind of nice. I guess.