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Sorry Boys (And Girls)

Let us talk man to man. (And woman to woman. Wait, I didn't mean that.)

Today's game was fucking terrible. No heart, AT ALL. I'm not sure why the fuck Ibra was even on the field, all his did was walk around and lose the ball. I really don't give a shit if he's hurt. If you're going to lineup with the other ten guys, there's no excuses. You MUST perform. Plus, Roma tied, and we didn't capitalize. I'm pissed. Not just at one player, but everyone. Emotionally, I'm drained.

So, due to todays game, I won't have a post match review for you. I'm wayyyy to pissed, angry, tired, and generally not motivated to do so. I think you guys (and gals) can let me slide for this one.

But, don't let me stop you from complaining and bantering with one another. Please, proceed.

I'll be back tomorrow with Inter Info. Ya' man just needs to "step" back and relax for this one. Before I get my ass sued. And that would be bad.