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Cinema of the Day: The Good Ol' Days

Yup, I lied. I told you I would have Inter Info for you yesterday, and I didn't. I'm sorry. And, as you can see, no Inter Info for today either. The reasons? Yankees Opening Day is coming up in a few minutes, a big Rangers (That's hockey, for all of you single minded sport fans) game on a little after that, and I have some "real" life stuff I have to take care of. Ya' know, in the 3D world. But, I promise, actually, I take that back. I'm not so good with promises. I'll most likely, as in 95.78%, have Inter Info up for all you loyal readers.

So now, as this season comes to a close. I leave you with the best goals of what was the 06-07 season. And boy, does that look good now compared to this current shit we've been having to deal with.