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Inter Info: 3/4/08

What's up my dawgs? The second leg of the Champions League started today, with only one Italian team in action, with Milan taking on Arsenal. The setting for the match couldn't be better, winner takes all. So, I advise you, if you're not already doing so, turn that shit on. Forget work, forget the children at school, forget grandma waiting at the doctors office, all that can wait. (My warning will probably be too late by the time I post this. Don't blame it on me. You're the idiot.) Their currently in the 67th minute, and are tied at 0-0. As for us, we'll have to wait until next Wednesday (11th), to find out what our fate will be. This "delay" for us couldn't of come at a better time, considering the number of key injuries we've had since the 1st leg. In other news, we seem to always like talking about the weather here, so I thought I should show you this. If you live anywhere near there, you're probably cursing me right now. I was the one who complained about 3-5 inches of snow a few weeks back, and the trouble I was going to have shoveling it. Well, seems as if the tables have turned. Expect, you can't use a shovel to move that much snow, try and melt it. But if you get a flood in your house, don't come crying to me. Here's your daily fix. (Or 11 inches of snow, in March, in Arkansas. In which case, I'm sorry for you.)

----> 'Eat shit', says The Matrix to the Daily Star. After ZiZu went all KungFu (I know. That one was sweetttt.) on the Matrix, the Daily Star reported that he (Matrix) called ZiZu's momma a "terrorist whore". However, it was later revealed that what the Matrix actually said was something to the extent of , 'Your sister is a whore.' Despite the mistake, the Daily Star never apologized or corrected their mistake. So, The Matrix's lawyer, Steven Heffer (Rich bastard), filed a High Court action for damages in July 2007, claiming “enormous damage to the footballer’s reputation”. To make it short, Matrix won, and is getting his legal bills covered, and apology from the paper, and some money that he so desperately needs.

----> It's 5 and 15,000 for Talentino. This past weekend Cassano, my MAIN man (behind Il Capitano, of course) finally snapped. After receiving his second yellow, he took off his shirt, threw it at the ref, and insulted him using an array of obscenities (nice one). Then after being sent off, he reappeared out the darkness, cursed at the ref a bit more from the sidelines, and calmly told the referee he would "meet" him after the game. For this entertaining piece of art, he has received a 5 match ban, a 15,000 EUR fine, a suspened pay for every game he misses. Forza Cassano.

----> I'm not even going to bother to read this clown's article, because there's only 86,400 seconds in a day, and I can't afford to waste one of those. But if you can stomach his shit, here it is.

---->Somebody wants Kojak dead. According to reports, a bullet was sent to his house, obviously from someone who is pissed at the amount of disputable referee decisions this year. is putting the blame on the Gazzetta dello Sport for printing a "revised" table, which they believe is the correct one if you minus the ref's mistakes. (Too bad you can't. But I guess everyone can dream. Eventually you have to snap out of that dream, so if you really think about it, it's just a waste of every one's time. And in this case, a waste of a perfectly good bullet.) Looks like Collina is going to have to keep his bald head low for a while.

----> Chivu has 2 choices. He's been given an option, play against Liverpool with a special strap for his shoulder, or go under the knife and miss two months and possible Euro 2008 for Romania. I would like to see him take option one. If Cordoba wasn't hurt, or even if Samuel could play, I would be pro-surgery. But, we have too many injuries. Plus, the Matrix will be missing the game because of his red card. You don't have to pull a Ronnie Lott and cut off your shoulder, just come out and play with the pain. We need you.

----> Here's the training info for today. Nice to see Ibra and TSB get some work in with the team. Manico has said that they may be ready for Reggina this Saturday, but we'll just have to wait and see.

Video of the Day:

I'm in a fighting mood for some reason. So I bring to you, the Inter-Valencia fight. Look at that bitch run. Haha.