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Inter Milan: 3/6/08 "Creative Exercise"

What's up my dawgs? Inter fans take a lot of shit on this site for having too many Argentine players, and the nickname AgrenInter has been given to us. It was funny the 1st and 37th time, but it's getting a little old. So, I'm giving everyone the opportunity to get a new, fresh start. Anyone, even Inter fans, will have the opportunity to give Inter a new nickname. Keep it tasteful, assholes. Don't come here, and start saying stupid shit. This isn't anything serious, just a little fun. Actually, you should be thanking me for doing this. First, I'm giving you a chance to take away that dumb ass, overused, nickname. Secondly, those of you who are collecting Social Security, this should keep you on your toes, and hopefully keep you off the road for a while. (Am I allowed to say that?) If your going to make fun of the greatest team, at least do it right. (I have to give thanks to Marco, from the Livorno/Roma page. He was the one who brought this idea to my attention. Thanks.) In other news, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME???? A four year-old was taken home from school, not for faking to be sick, but for being DRUNK. I'll give you a second to read that over again. Okay, can I move on? I don't have kids, but I bet some of you do. How did this kid get drinks??? The only thing I could think of is, the drunk parents had some leftovers. Parents like that should be locked up. Damn idiots. Shit like this make me sick to my stomach. Here's your daily fix. (Or drunken 4 year-old, which the Social Services should take away.)

----> This is weird. Our neighbors owner, Silvio Berlusconi wants us to win. "Certainly Inter." He said his mother was Moratti's sex slave secretary, and he's good friends with Moratti. That's a great thing to say after you just got knocked out of the CL, and all your fans are pissed at you. Keep up the good work.

----> YESSSSS!!!!!! He may be back!!! "It's not certain that Figo will retire. I will certainly make him an offer to continue next season." There it is, right there, directly from Moratti's mouth. This was is in a post a while back, but I didn't think anything of it. Now, it may be the real deal. It's still up to Figo if he wants to retire or not, but it's good to know he'll have the option of coming back. Even if it's just for a year. After coming back from injury, (I'm still plotting Pavel's assassination) he has been in surprisingly great form. I'm not ready to let him go.

----> Eric Cantona could of been in the black and blue!?!?!? "I was about to sign him. He was at Manchester United and he had just been banned for kicking a fan." He was a terrific player, and as mentioned in that article, him and Ince would of been the new bash brothers. Instead, he stayed at Old Trafford and had himself a very successful career. This hurt a little, but the past is the past.

----> More Fatty news. He scored a few goals for Sao Paulo in the Copa Libertadores against Chilean side Audax last night, so he thinks he's back in every one's good graces. "What was going through my head? I only needed a little more tranquility." Give me a fucking break. This guy has been catered to his whole career, enough is enough. I've just about given up on him, but not yet. I want to see him scoring goals at the San Siro again, but I don't think that will ever happen.

----> Moratti hates Uventus more than Milan. "For me the real derby is with them: it is the derby d’Italia and it comes first to Milan." Personally, I think our "new" rivals are Roma. But maybe that's because, here on theoffsides, the bad blood we spill we every time we play. Shit, even when we're not playing eachother death threats are thrown around more freely than Ronaldinho's name at .

----> Good news, another Ibra will be running around. His wife gave birth to the couple's second son Thursday at University Hospital in southern Sweden. I doubt it, but his recent "so-so" form may have been because of this. It's nice to hear that everything went well, and Ibra can just focus on his calcio. Vincent is his name, calcio will be his game.

----> This guy basically sums up why I LOVE Cassano. A crazy dude, in a crazy world. It just fits.

----> Crespo, 'Time to climb.' I agree with him, it will be liking climbing Everest, but we can do it. I really, truly, fully believe we can. FORZA RAGAZZI!!!!!

----> It's all systems go. It has been confirmed, Ibra and TSB WILL be ready for Reggina. Only expect them to play about 45 minutes, but don't worry, you'll get to see a full 90 from these two verses Liverpool.

----> Manico is our Herrera . For those of you who don't know, Herrera was at the helm during the Nerazzurri's best years. He lead them to three Scudetti and back-to-back European Cup victories in the 1960s. "Mancini is smoothing out the rough edges and can remain at Inter for a long time. He came to this club to be a protagonist like Herrera." Easy Moratti, don't set the bar too high. He's good, but not that good. Yet.

----> Will definitely be picking this up. The centenary almanac will be available at most bookshops on March 19th. "Inter 100 anni di emozioni: One hundred years of great emotions, love, pain, rage, euphoria, passion... splendidly illustrated in the pages of the official celebratory volume." Yah, I have to have that.

----> Here's the training info for today. TSB had a FULL day training with the squad.

----> The Moratti interview at today's presentation of, Inter 100 anni di emozioni.

I'll have the match preview for the game against Reggina up tomorrow.

So till' I see ya', see ya'.