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100 Anni, 100 Emozioni


I was thinking about writing 100 emotions here, but I'm too lazy. I love this team, no matter what happens. All those bitches that keep crying every time Inter wins, FUCK OFF. Just learn to stare at our beautiful asses, and great legs. But I'm not here to start an argument with other fans, I'm here to profess my unconditional and everlasting love for the GREATEST TEAM IN THE WORLD. F.C. Internazionale Milano. They give me many heartaches, and headaches, but all that is forgotten when in one instance, Il Capitano puts one past Doni in the 88th minute. Eat that shit bitches. So here you go, top 5 players in Inter history, some great video, and "Inter" leaders. SEMPRE NERAZZURRI.

Top 5 Players In Inter History:

5) Walter Zenga (1982-94)- This pick may be a bit biased, but I don't care. He came up through our youth system, and was given the nickname, "Spiderman". This dude was all over the place in net, he showed inhuman like reflexes, and could bend over backwards and still make the save. He won the Scudetto in 1989, and was also capped 58 times for Italy. In my opinion, he was the greatest keeper in Inter history (JC is starting to make a push for it. But he still has a lot of time to go. So. I'm not going to get ahead of myself), and one of the top keepers Italy has ever seen.

4) Giuseppe Bergomi (1980-99)- During his time, this guy was the symbol of Nerazzurri calcio. Who can forget the 1982 World Cup Final, when, as an 18 year-old, he man-marked West German legend Karl-Heinz Rummenigge. And kicked the shit out of him. (I didn't see the game in person, because I wasn't born yet, and that's very disappointing. But I did pay $20 bucks on eBay for a copy of the game. Best $20 I've ever spent.) He holds the Inter all-time appearance record, having played 758 times for the club. He won the Scudetto once and the UEFA Cup three times during his terrific career. Plus, he had a sweeetttttt mustache. He rocked that shit like it was no body's business.

3) Il Capitano(1995-)- There isn't enough room on this entire page to explain what this man has meant to the club, and its fans. No matter the game, or situation, you can count on Javier to give you %100. He can play every position on the field, literally. I wouldn't be surprised to see him take the gloves if JC ever gets hurt during a game. (Sorry Toldo) Il Capitano has made over 400 Serie A appearances for the club (and still counting), winning two Scudetti and a UEFA Cup. I don't care which team you're a fan of, you MUST admire his longevity and consistency. He is the model for a true professional, both on and off the pitch. I will love him, forever. He's coming up on his final years in the black and blue, and it will be a dark day when he retires. Not only for Interista's, but for the world of football as a whole. Grazie, Javier.

2) Giuseppe Meazza (1927-40)- As Vittorio Pozzo put it, “To have him in your team meant to start 1-0 up”. That basically sums up his illustrious career. He was the first "true" Italian superstar, so it's not surprise he donned the black and blue. In 348 games for Inter, he has 245 goals. He also had a successful coaching career. He won the World Cup with the Azzurri in 1934 and 1938. As a player, he won three Scudetti at the club and was Italy’s star man at the aforementioned World Cup successes in 34’ and 38’. I've never seen it, but his goal against Brazil in the 38' semi-final as his shorts were falling down, will be imbedded in Azzurri history forever. When he died in 1979, the Milan stadium at San Siro was named after him.

1) Giacinto Facchetti (1960-78)- Facchetti is the biggest symbolic figure that has ever played for Inter. This was demonstrated when his number 3 shirt was retired in his honor. With 94 Italian caps to his name, he was the all-time appearance holder for the Azzurri until Dino Zoff broke his record. He's probably most remembered for him numerous lengthy runs down the left side of the pitch. That's why he's Inter's number one.

Io Sono Interista :

Inter: 1908-2008

Centenario Inter

C' è Solo l' Inter

Pazza Inter 2007

Giacinto Facchetti: Numero Uno

Fun Facts:

Top 10 Appearances

Giuseppe Bergomi (519), Giacinto Facchetti (476), Sandro Mazzola (418), Javier Zanetti (415), Mario Corso (414), Giuseppe Baresi(392), Giuseppe Meazza (365), Tarcisio Burgnich (359), Walter Zenga (328), Alessandro Altobelli (317)

Top 10 Goal Scorers

Giuseppe Meazza (246), Luigi Cevenini (156), Benito Lorenzi (138), István Nyers (133), Alessandro Altobelli (128), Sandro Mazzola (116), Roberto Boninsegna (113), Ermanno Aebi (106), Christian Vieri (103), Attilio Demaria (76)

Major Club Honours:

Scudetti (15): 1909–10; 1919–20; 1929–30; 1937–38; 1939–40; 1952–53; 1953–54; 1962–63; 1964–65; 1965–66; 1970–71; 1979–80; 1988–89; 2005–06; 2006–07

Coppa Italia (5): 1938–39; 1977–78; 1981–82; 2004–05; 2005–06

Champions League (2): 1963–64; 1964–65

UEFA Cup (3): 1990–91; 1993–94; 1997–98

Intercontinental Cup (Club World Cup) (2): 1964; 1965

What Do Ya'll Think?:

The question is: Who do you think is numero uno? Yeah, I messed up the poll. Got a problem?

Final Thoughts:

Sempre Inter. Simple.

P.S.: Fuck those Brits, let's bring it to them. I'll have the preview up tomorrow.