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The Last Gasp: Coppa and other news

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I suppose we should stop swanning around with our heads in the clouds and get back down to business.

The team is back in training for this Saturday's match at the Olimpico in Rome against Roma.

back to training

While Inter have not posted any news about the upcoming squad, we know neither Cruz nor Materazzi will be there. They are both out due to suspension. I suspect Mancini will call up some of our Primavera players, Toldo, and Suazo. At least that is what the training photos show. We will know more later in the week.

It is clear that Roma are going to throw every little thing they have at this game in some hope to salvage their pride. I am feeling very magnanimous after our Scudetto win - and a part of me says let Roma have the Coppa Italia. We dont need it and the win will make them feel good about themselves. But then I think again, and the fact is, I want it. I want to win. I think we will give some our players who dont see the field so often a chance to shine. Hopefully they will shine bright enough. We will know more when the quad is announced.

In other news, Inter will be getting "revolutionary" new jerseys next year.

Ok, so the first jersey will have large vertical bands with a blue stripe in the center, an external collar, and the "Pirelli" will be in Gold (like our special centenary shirt, I think).

The keeper's kit will remain the same.

new kitThe second jersey will be brown, or "chocolate" as requested by Pirelli. The shorts will also be brown. Yikes. I managed to find this picture (Thank you Pazza Inter Forums). I hope Tronchetti paid enormous stacks of money for this because I can hear the shit jokes already.

The main question is, WHAT ARE THEY THINKING!?! The white with red cross is sooooo much better. Well, the team has not officially announced them on the site, so hopefully this away jersey is just a rough draft. blech.

The transfer speculations are starting to ramp up. Eto'o wants only Inter, and Barca wants Chivu and maybe Materazzi.

Porto wants Solari, and I think they can have him. He is not a bad player, he just has not really worked out at Inter. He is also apparently linked to Roma and Zenit St. Petersburg.

Then there is Lampard, who we are apparently "looking at". Moratti is being cagey.

We still dont know if Mancini will stay. I suspect the decision will not be officially announced until after the game on Saturday. Mancini's agent says he is staying, but the British press are still linking him to Chelsea so who knows. Once again, Moratti is being cagey.


So lets get our heads back into it for this weekend. After that we can talk about transfers and what not.

I know you all have things to do this summer (Euros, the beach), but I hope you will check back here occasionally. I plan to follow all the transfers and everyone who plays for their national teams and I will dutifully report what I find.

Oh, and here is the new(ish) Nike commercial with Zlatan and Marco (among others). I am sure most of you have seen it, but I like it so here you go again:

So, onward to the Coppa.

Ciao ciao Ragazzi, ci vediamo a presto