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Snakes over Toros

Johonna is out of town, so I'm standing in for her. The drugs are starting to kick in, so this will be brief.

Hats off to Maicon for that amazing shot in the 26th minute. I love this guy! Not only can he spend 90 minutes running up and down the sideline, but he can score too!

Maicon doing his thing

Maicon scores in the 26th minute

Nice to see Mancini fitting in at Inter. He never looked motivated at Roma. I guess Pisano technically gets credit for his goal, but a nice shot anyway. It would be nice to score something other than own goals. According to "the Nerazzurri's four goals so far this season included three own goals."

This was our line-up (nice to see Chivu back on the pitch):

Inter: Julio Cesar; Maicon, Burdisso, Materazzi, Chivu; Vieira, Cambiasso, J Zanetti; Adriano (Balotelli 67), Ibrahimovic (Cruz 88), Mancini (Quaresma 64)

Here's Torino's line-up:
Torino: Sereni; Diana, Di Loreto, Pratali, Pisano; P Zanetti (Ogbonna 66), Corini (Barone 46), Saumel; Rosina (Abbruscato 30), Amoruso; Bianchi

Some more pics from the game.

Mancini bounces one off Pisano

Mancini bounces one off Pisano

JM happy in Torino

JM looking happy at Torino