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I ♥ Julio Cesar

And he loves us back. Well, he loves Inter. Well, he is "very happy" at Inter. Whatever. He is staying and that is all that matters. Yep, Julio Cesar Soares de Espindola has signed a contract extension with F.C. Internazionale Milano until June 30, 2014. What a wonderful gift after the crappy weekend football results (for both my teams :( )

I dont think it is any secret that I have a serious crush on Julio Cesar - especially now that I need someone to shower all my extra Zlatan love onto. And even better, now I get to love him potentially for 5 more years! After signing his contract extension, JC said:

"And now I want to celebrate with many more victories. I am very happy and I thank president Moratti and the whole club. I have already won a lot with Inter, but our strength is the work we are doing to win a lot more."

Not much, but so long as he stays, I dont care because besides being a phenomenal goal keeper (thanks Kirby):

he is also super hunky:

Julio is a dirty boy!

Plus, he clearly waxes... everything.

with a beautiful wife and family.

Super cute family in the Bahamas.

And his hot wife Susana Werner (although I think this is from her Ronaldo days)

And one more of Susana. After all, I must entertain and inform.

Plus, he always seems to have a smile on his face.

Julio Cesar or Kaka - I'd take JC any day

He even gets his teammates smiling - even if they dont really want to.

And he seems like a great person:

JC and Adriano with the Brazil NT
No matter what, he has always been there for Adriano.

He even made sure that Adriano was at our Scudetto celebrations, if only in our hearts.

Not that he isn't competitive. He loves to win as much as the next guy.

JC After Inter beat Milan
Whether it is against Milan or Juve (at the top of the page).

He is all-around an amazing keeper, person, and teammate. I cant think of a single person I would rather have in goal (not even San Gigi) and we are very very very fortunate to have him. Lets hope he stays for ever!

Julio Cesar and Zanetti hug during our win against Siena.
On behalf of all of us, here is a great big hug for Julio Cesar from the Inter Offside Board.


Did I mention he has cute toes? Well he does!
Julio Cesar in the pool while on Brazil National Team duty