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Buon Natale and Happy Holidays


Inter once again finishes the year as winter champions. Even with Milan's game in hand, we are clear by at least 5 points (although I have faith in Fiorentina), with both the best defense (only 14 goals allowed) and the best offense (scored 36 goals). Inter remain unbeaten at home in the league, and are doing generally pretty darn skippy. So far, so good.

I know everyone is busy this time of year, but I wanted to take a brief moment to thank all of you who come by and contribute to the conversation. So... Thanks for coming around and making this such a nice place to hang out. Thanks for another great year and for putting up with all my foolishness - it wouldn't be the same around here without you all.

Warmest wishes from me to all of you this holiday season. And here's to another successful year for Inter, the squad, the club, and all us poor fans!


Everyone, have a wonderful holiday season, and a great new year.