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The Crooks Strikes Back! Juve 2 - Inter 1

First things first. I want to tell you that I wrote a first version of this blog post that I will save for another day.

I am not posting it today because it doesn’t accomplish what I want it to, which is to put this travesty of a "game" behind us. What the first version of this did, really, was to put back it back into the forefront not in the background, which is where it belongs. There will be another time to whip it out and use it for what it should be. Not right now though.

Okay, that said – I told you so. There. Some may not like to hear that, but there you go. We weren’t ever going to win this game. Not because we weren’t the better team… we were. We just were never going to win this game… I think you know what I mean. The game was played in Turin… but it wasn’t won in a stadium.

In other words, it had all the hallmarks of a Juventus game.

It had an apparent offsides goal. Seen it. Yawn.

It had a flop by someone in a black and white striped shirt that was called by the referee when previous fouls of the same kind weren’t called for players in a blue and black shirt. Seen it. Yawn.

2 Juventus players should have been sent off in the first half. Didn’t happen. Seen it. Yawn.

It had that flop given conveniently 20-30 meters outside our goalmouth. Seen it. Yawn

It had a penalty that should have been given to us… zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

I’m glad I missed it. I didn’t see Titanic either since I learned a long time ago the boat sank.

I was doing other things. I made some extra Christmas present money signing up to do some work on Saturday and I spent a lot of time with the little girl, who by the way, took her first steps last week. Let’s see, I also took the dogs on a mammoth walk – an urban hike really – which they desperately needed.

Next Inter – Juventus game I plan on giving them a bath. Would you like to know the outcome of that game, now? A politely placed call to Turin would probably let you in on the deal. It’s not like it’s a secret.

Since I gave up on football this weekend – I saw the moviola from the Sunday morning show. As I pointed out earlier, it didn’t tell me anything I didn’t already know - I am just catching myself up on the deal from this weekend.

Not so much the scores, they are mostly what I figured. We lost ground to a Milan that is "unsurprisingly" better today than it was when it had Maldini, Ancelotti and Kaka. Hmm. The Rome derby was on this weekend but I didn’t watch it. Watching the Rome Derby is like watching 2 fleas fight on a dog. The only thing we learn is who the biggest pest is. And the dog, like me, still doesn’t care.

There isn’t a lot of analysis here. I didn’t see the game, and frankly from the extensive highlights I did see including the slow motion that showed more of the dirty stuff basically describes a game I saw in the late 90s.

Not the famous one. Not the one that cemented in everyone’s mind the fact that Juventus was cheating. Not the one that Juventus supporters on the Juventus Offsides stated as a pleasant, warm memory of Inter – Juve games, unsurprisingly.

A different one that doesn’t really stand out, I don’t even remember the year frankly. It was just another Juventus game where they got all the calls – even before the game started – and everything they did was just fine and everything that we did was a crime against nature.

So, in closing: I told you so.

I’ll tell you something else. We won’t win the next one either. And it’ll look a lot like this one.

I also have an itch that tells me that I won't be making any Black and Blue Scudetto Party plans, either.

That's not depression talking. I can't state more plainly that I am not depressed or disappointed. As I have said, I have come to terms with accepting the fact that Juventus is dirty. It hasn't bothered me for years, I just plan for it now. And laugh at Juventus supporters who don't think that the outcome of their games have more to do with their board of directors then their actual team.

But the signs are out that there's a Bad Moon Risin'. Again. I'm just saying.

Plan for it now... And enjoy all the other Inter games that don't include jerseys stolen from Notts County. Unless they get closer. Then the ref calls will get screwy for all our games. Again. Like before 2006. Again.

Forza Inter