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Mark Your Calendars

Mou in Beijing ahead of the Italian Supercup
Busy busy BUSY week but I wanted to get a quick post up. Inter has a full dance card this summer, including a trip to the US and China. To help us all follow along, I thought I would put up this nice schedule so we can all keep track.

July 10: Players return to La Pinatina, Appiano Gentile
July 13: Inter begin training in Los Angeles, California at UCLA
July 16: Friendly with a "local team" at 4pm pacific
July 17-18: Training in Los Angeles

July 19: World Football Challenge - Inter v Club America, Palo Alto, California at 4pm pacific
July 21: World Football Challenge - Inter v Chelsea, Pasadena, California at 8pm pacific
July 22-25: Training in Boston, Massachusetts
July 26: World Football Challenge - Inter v Milan, Foxborough, Massachusetts at 5pm eastern

July 29: Training at La Pinatina
July 30: Pirelli-Sky Trophy - Inter v Monaco, Monaco,
July 31: Training at La Pinatina

August 3: Leave for Beijing, China
August 8:Italian Super Cup - Inter v Lazio, Beijing, China
August 22 or 23: Day 1 of the 2009/2010 season!

July is going to be tough one - but I am sure we will be up to it!