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Vi Vederò in Una Settimana

Im leavin on a jet plane....Ok, here is the deal. I have to be out of town next week and as such, will not be in a position to write blogs (no internet, no time, family obligations, etc.). That means no preview for the next two league games (Parma and Cagliari) or the Barcelona game on Wednesday. As it stands, I probably wont even be able to watch them until I get back (thank heavens for the DVR).

Still, I know you all like to comment on games and what not, so I am going to set up a series of posts that will upload the day before each game. Unfortunately, since I have to write them right now, they will be a bit scant on actual content.

As far as I know, MAD will still be chiming in after games and whenever the mood takes him. I am sorry that I have to miss this first CL game, but it cant be helped. I am sure I can count on all of you to hold down the fort.