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Pazza Inter 4 - Siena 3

So you watched the game and are upset at the score because you thought that Inter should have done the job against the team propping up the league.

Or you watched the game and are upset that Inter didn’t play better.

Or you watched the game and are upset that Inter didn’t win more convincingly.

I have ten good reasons for you not to lose heart.

That’s for later.

For right now I have my 2 Inter Players of the Game. That’s right, both these guys are my Players of the Game. And not just because they scored. Although it helps...

walter wesley siena

More after the break.


Stats Home Team First

Chivu backShots (on Goal) 12(6) 15(5)
Fouls 15 16
Corner Kicks 3 4
Offsides 2 2
Time of Possession 59% 41%
Yellow Cards 3 1

Statistically speaking, this game went along a lot like other games this season. We dominate time of possession. We dominate shots. We generally get more cards than other teams. I still cannot explain how this went so bad for us nor how it can be fixed – other than try and get together and work hard not to make another mistake like this again.

No pagelle today. There isn’t enough bandwidth. Besides, my blood pressure can’t take it.


These are reasons that I am not too disheartened if not exactly happy about the quality of the play.

chivuremember10 - We started the game with 3 players – Ricky, Goran and Thiago – who hadn’t played a full 90 in a competitive game in a month or longer. To say that there was some rust is an understatement of epic proportions.

9 - We also started the game with 5 players on the bench who combined have played exactly 0 complete Serie A games – Marko, Denis, Alen, Giulio and Lorenzo. Giulio, you might remember started a game for us, but it was during the Coppa game against Livorno.

8 - Playing anyone in the defensive midfield that isn’t Cambiasso, who we really missed today/always, doesn’t really work for us. Hopefully he’ll be back soon.

samuelwinner7 - I don’t know if the lousy weather was a part of the general malaise that the team slogged through during the whole game, but we definitely had something wrong with our attitude. And it isn’t just this game either. Last season we lost this game to Atalanta 3-1. I mention this because of the number of goals we let in – 3 and the number of goals we let in today – 3. Why the hell do we come back from breaks so slowly?

6 - Was it the formation? We were getting overrun in the midfield pretty badly. The “3” in our 4231 were basically strikers playing a little withdrawn. The “2” were an injured return and an attacking midfielder. Maybe we were trying to rely too much on the back four and not pressuring enough up top? Now that we are getting some players back, we won’t have to rely on the 4231.

sneijder winner5 - Was it the schedule? We had a long layoff and then we had 2 games, boom boom. Siena had the same schedule I know, but there is a difference in pressure and intensity when you play for a team that even a 1-0 win can start a media shitstorm.

4 – Every game that we play knocks some rust off from the lay off. I gotta believe that.

3 – Mario comes back next game and it looks like Samuel is ready to come back sooner rather than later. News is positive for Cambiasso and Muntari to come back soon. With those 2 back added to the group that came back against Siena means that we have a full compliment of players to start the second half strong.

mourinhosiena2 – When the kids went in we were drawn 2-2 or down 2-3. After they were in and Siena looked like they ran out of steam, we outscored them. Good showing for the kids, plus they proved that Mourinho can rest players and still make points. We might all need quadruple bypass by the end of the season, but the potential for a late season blitz is tremendous – to say nothing of the easing of the wage bill come this summer when I can guarantee more changes like last summer.

1 – Let's be fair. Siena played well, but they had 3 real chances to score and they scored 3. We had many more good chances with players in good position that we messed up. We are making chances to score. What the 4231 doesn't offer is midfield cover for the defence. Check out the game again. The first and third goal are scored when there is no one in the midfield to pick up Maccarone as he plays in the spot in front of the defence. The goal that everyone blames Maicon for, wasn't his fault, not that there weren't other things that were his fault. A player came into his area and he picked that guy up as that player slanted into the area. The scorer came in behind - where Javier usually plays at RM - and was free as a bird. No midfield cover = MAD hates the 4231.

I just have one more thing to add. There has been a lot of talk in the media, the Siena coach and even many here on the Offsides pages of our rivals. I would just like to present this little video for your consideration…