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Javier Zanetti: The Man, The Legend, The Oldest Champions League Goalscorer

Zanetti after scoring the Champions League

It has been a while for Inter's captain, Javier Zanetti, but when he scores, he freaking scores. And all without mussing his perfectly coiffed hair.

(I suggest you watch it again and again and again)

With his goal against Tottenham in the opening few moments of Inter's Champions League match today, he became the oldest player to score in that tournament. And because Gareth Bale managed to pull 3 back, I am going to unilaterally declare that Zanetti's goal was the winning one as well.

He had a bit of a lay off recently (pesky little tear in his lung) but even at 37 years old, Zanetti is still well in the game.

Il Capitano speaketh:

"My last goal in the Champions League was in Graz twelve years ago... I'm happy that I scored tonight. It was a really nice goal. Samuel Eto'o did well to serve me and I was dressed up as Milito. It was the kind of goal that he scores. It was nice to celebrate my 135th appearance in Europe with a goal. Now this game is out of the way we can start thinking about Sunday's league game against Sampdoria."

Even after all these years, Pupi, you can still bring us to our feet.

Never, never NEVER leave us

Zanetti loves us as much as much as we love him