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Genoa v Inter: Will The Real Wesley Sneijder Please Stand Up

Where'd you go my friend?

Where\'d you go my friend?

I've been trying to ascertain the reason as to why we haven't been our normal dominant selves in Serie A. I don't think it has anything to do with the change in tactics. Rafa's tactics are quite sound in my opinion. The reason I came up with is that our main playmaker Wesley Sneijder isn't himself lately. His performances have been OK at best, and with his dip in form comes a drop in the entire team's collective performance. For us to be the Internazionale of last season Wesley must return to form. So if it isn't too much trouble to ask Wes, will you please start to earn your nice pay packet today by being your amazing self?

Join me here 15 minutes before game time for some good ole fashion Live Blog action!

Genoa v Inter