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Seongnam 0-3 Inter Milan: Boy, Did We Need This!

FIFA Club World Cup Semifinal love

Alright, so the FIFA Club World Cup is a bit of a throw-away tournament. A terrible distraction, even. But a win is a win and we really needed one right about now. I cant tell you how much I have missed the love.

We didn't always look commanding on the field (something I am sure MAD will bring up), but we kept a clean sheet and converted our chances. That is head and shoulders above our recent performances. And I like it. I dont care what sort of tournament it came in. Hell, I dont even care if it is a friendly. I am just happy for the win.

Club World Cup Argie Love
I was having major Argie manlove withdrawals. This scratches all sorts of itches.

It was great to see Milito out there - the real Milito, not that dishrag we saw on the field at the beginning of the season. He got a goal and an assist and made me very very happy. Maryam must be thrilled, not only did Diego make the squad, but he got a goal.

Diego Milito scores at the Fifa Club World Cup
That's the guy we came to love last season. Nice to have you back! Please dont leave us again.

And the icing on the cake? Zanetti got a goal:

Which brought out even more love. This time, for his family. First his wife:
Kisses for Mrs Zanetti at the Club World Cup

Then the baby:
Zanetti Baby kisses at the Club World Cup

And if that doesn't make you say "AWWWWWWWW" then nothing will.

Now lets go get that trophy!


I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Ladies love Inter (what are the odds one of them is Maryam?)
Girls like Inter

And how about a little more Figo Suave classing up the place.
Figo at the Club World Cup