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Benvenuto Leonardo.

Welcome Leonardo

And the new coach of Internazionale is (drum roll please).... Leonardo!

From the club:

All Inter welcomes Leonardo. It will be the Brazilian coach, 41 years old, who will lead the World and European Champion squad beginning December 29, the day of resumption of training at the Angelo Moratti sports center in Appiano Gentile. A few minutes ago, Leonardo signed a contract that will bind him to Inter until June 30, 2012. The date of the presentation will be announced in the coming days.

To Leonardo, the most sincere and great good luck, we are convinced that he will bring his class, his expirience as a great champion, and his metality to the company and the squad, to achieve together the results that all Inter an all Interisti still want.

I was just logging on for a moment to post a quick "happy holidays" before I starting peeling that mountain of potatoes in my kitchen when I saw the news. I am not entirely sure how this will work out... All I can say is that Leonardo is a snappy dresser and he has nice hair. I like that.

As for the coaching, I remember Milan fans on this board were sort of split over him... I also remember thinking he looked a little lost on the sidelines at times. Still, he managed to haul Milan into third place. If he can do that with Inter, I will count him a success this season.

Now, if Babo Natale brings us some new players this winter, things may look differently.

Still, no matter who the coach...


Oh, and happy holidays to everyone!

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