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VotD: Inter Fans and Players Singing Inter Chants

I just found this video and I already love it to pieces. Basically, it is famous Interisti, players, and ex players singing Inter cori (you know, the stuff they sing in the curva). My very favorite bits are when they have players singing their own songs. Genius!

In case you were wondering, the last couple minutes are the anti Milan chants. The final one goes:

"Perchè perchè tu alla coppa ci credevi per davvero
e al primo tempo vincevi 3 a 0 .. perchè perchè?
3 a 1, 3 a 2
3 a 3 !"

Which is a not-so-subtle jibe at our cross-town cousins over their Champions League loss in Istanbul in 2005
(Of course, they got to the final that year which is more than Inter could say).

Anyway, if you want to listen to more of these cori, there are mp3s here, and some of them written out here.