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Happy Birthday Julione


Today is the birthday of our wonderful goal keeper, Julio Cesar. He is 31 years old and still every bit a dream boat. I thought I would post a little video so we could all appreciate the full depth of his extreme yumminess. Seriously, I could eat this guy with a spoon (in a purely platonic, tiger teen beat sort of way).

Happy Birthday, Julio!

Although he had a couple hiccups last season (no one is perfect, after all), he rallied to help propel Inter to their historic tripletta. He recently won the 2010 UEFA Club Goalkeeper of the Year for his work in the Champions League, and it couldn't have happened to a nicer guy.

Plus, did I mention? He is quite a looker:

And, a total muppet (that is, he wears his heart on his sleeve and is not afraid to show the world how he feels):
JC After Inter beat Milan

And he can totally stop a ball:

So Happy 31st Julio Cesar - I cant wait to see what you do this season!


And did I mention? He can stop balls:

And an additional muddy picture of JC. Just because.... I mean, can there ever be too many?