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Inter v Lille: The Non Preview (sniffle cough)

Inter Lille

Looks like it's time again for that pinnacle of footballing achievement, the Champions League (or so UEFA would have us believe). Given that it is rapidly looking like Inter will not be taking part in this competition next year, we should enjoy these games while we can. Instead of stressing over results or standings or injuries or coaches or offense or defense, let's just sit back and enjoy the ride - even if it bumps a bit.

I am just now surfacing from what I think was probably the flu but felt more like Armageddon. Anyway, the snot-filled feverish nyquil enhanced stupor I have been in for the last week means that I have been out of the loop. I missed the last two games and, looking at the results, I just dont think I missed all that much. I have no idea what is wrong with our boys this year, but for whatever reason, they are generally sucking ass in league play this year. Which makes our champions league position even stranger. Yep, Inter sits in first place in our group. I will write that again just because it seems so improbable: Inter is first in our group. I can only assume that our ageing squad can only really play one game a week and has decided that the it will be the Champions League matches.

And I guess we can at least have that. Sure, we lose on the weekend but if we win midweek it sort of makes the owie sting a little less. Or at least that is my theory. That also means we have to win tomorrow.

Oh, and dont forget: Europe is on daylight savings time so this game is at 12:45pm pacific, 3:45pm eastern.

I am still feeling icky so this will have to do for a preview. Sometimes less is more. Or at least that is what I like to tell myself.