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Can I Get A Little ♥ For Dejan Stankovic?

Stankovic Saves Inter' Coppa Dreams

Ok, so he may be on the down side of his career trajectory, and at his age have problems with consistency, but I have always found Deki Stankovic (aka Il Drago) to be enormously endearing. The wondergoals are just icing on the cake.

Face it, the guy is a complete muppet, sticky-outy ears and all. You can always tell exactly what he is thinking just by looking at his face. Basically, from his bromance with Marco Materazzi (also this and this, and who could forget the water park), his wacky sense of humor, all the way to his... erm... patriotism, Dejan is just one of those players who finds their way into a person's heart. At least, he has found his way into mine. (I mean, just look at the man!)

And then there are the goals. Like this one against Roma in the Coppa Italia yesterday:

Or this one against Shalke, the twin of a goal he made against Genoa last season.

I know, we Inter fans have found ourselves in a position to complain about the team a bit more than we are used to recently. Well, I thought we should take a moment and celebrate a positive. It may just be one, tiny little thing, but hey, it's something.