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Pazza Inter Stikes Again

Pazzini has a double against  Cesena
Cesena 1 - 2 Pazzini... The Craziest of Us All!

First, I would just like to apologize to everyone for the lack of preview and liveblog. Kirby and I have had some trouble getting onto the webpage where we post these blogs. I dont know what the problem was - whether it was mine or the Offside site in general, but I am on now so I thought I would take advantage of it. It is very very slow going, but it seems to be working at least. Hooray!.

But how about that Giampaolo Pazzini? Waiting until the last five minutes of the game to come through and drag the team to victory.

Pazzini after goal 1
Pazzini takes a note from the Captain and celebrates his equalizer with the bench - this time with Orlandoni Chivu and Materazzi.

Forza non mollare mai...

Pazzini makes it 2
Even the Cesena players cant believe when Pazzini gets the second in as many minutes.

After the second goal - what was sure to be the winner - everyone got involved in the celebrations.

Pazzini after goal 2
Tutti Pazzi Per.... PAZZINI!

And what from our fearless leader? "It was all calculated..." Sure it was.

Leonardo celebrated Pazzini's winning goal against Cesena
Does this look like the face of a man with a plan? Nope. This is the face of a man thanking his lucky stars.

Anyway, I just thought I would put a little something up to show you all that, yes, we are still here and yes, we still care.


Grazie Pazzini. No goals in 40 days then the double in injury time. What a way to start the weekend. Give him a squeeze for me, Ragazzi.
Pig pile on Pazzini - dont break him!