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Inter v Palermo - Coppa Italia Final!

Well... its our last game of the season *sniff sniff*. I just want to take this moment to thank all you guys for coming week in and week out to our little get togethers. It wouldn't be the same without each and every one of you "kids". Hell, I'd be talking to myself you guys didn't show up. So from the bottom of my black and blue heart, thanks. Since I'm on the whole thanking scene, I want to send special thanks to Johonna for letting me come on-board the Inter Offside, and MAD for hosting LB's when I couldn't, AND (yeah, there's MORE!) both for being so supportive and understanding. I love you guys!

Now back to business.

I would be lying if I said that I wasn't happy to see this season come to an end. Rafa's stupidity will live long in my memory. Thanks (I know right, more thanks! lol) to Leo, we at least we have a chance to end the season on a winning note.

Inter v Palermo - Coppa Italia Final Live Blog!!!