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Going Through Football Withdrawals? The Toulon Tournament Can Scratch That Itch

Inter youth players in Italy U21 side

If you are like me, you are slightly horrified by the thought of the long, dry, Inter-less summer ahead. I know it is not quite the same, but I would like to recommend the Toulon Tournament (or the Tournoi Espoirs de Toulon) for a quick fix with a hint of Inter about it. It may not be the big boys but it is now and these kids play with a whole lot of heart. Really, check them out.

This year, Ferrara's U-21 squad includes four Inter youth products: Luca Caldirola (6), Giulio Donati (13), Davide Santon (2), and Mattia Destro (11). Which is really not too shabby.

Davide Santon at the Toulon Tournament
Santon captaining it up against the Ivory Coast.

Italy got off to a great start by beating the Côte d'Ivoire, last years champions, 2-0. Even better, our youngsters are getting all sorts of great experience. Santon is even the captain!

Mattia Destro against the Ivory Coast
Destro assisted in Italy's second goal. Go Go Destro!

It looks like GolTV has the US rights for this tournament (schedule here). The next Italy game (v Portugal) is Friday, June 3, 1:30pm eastern (10:30am pacific).

I know, it isn't the same, but the Toulon Tournament will help pass the time and keep your mind off market insanity (like Maicon for Fabregas) until the Coppa America picks up.


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