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Great Big Fabulous Contest, WITH PRIZES 2011

contest 2011
It is time again for the now annual Inter Offside Great Big Fabulous Guess The Points Contest! This is where you can put all your intimate knowledge of Inter and the Serie A to work for you! And there are prizes - lots of them. Sure, you have to wait until next May to win, but it will be so worth it!

Ok, we have had a few friendlies, gotten a few new players, so I figure it is time again for our (now) annual points prediction contest. The contest is pretty simple – just guess how many points Inter will accumulate in the upcoming season. Since there may well be more than one person guessing the same number, as a tie-breaker, also guess the number of goals scored and the number conceded. Whoever has the right number of points and is closest to the goal counts will win. If no one has the correct number of points, the person with the closest guess wins. If more than one person correctly guesses all three, I will take the first entry (based on the email timestamp) as the winner. It pays to not procrastinate!
How fun is that? (answer: super fun!).

As before, there are a few caveats:
1) you have to wait until next May to see if you won and, if so, collect your prize
2) you have to be somewhere the mail goes so I can get you your prize.
3) since I am mailing the prize, you have to be willing to send me your contact info (but only if you win).

If you are ok with all three, then by all means, enter the contest.

To enter, email me at your guess for:
-- Total number of Points
-- Total number of goals scored
-- Total number of goals conceded

All are for league play only.

And dont forget to include your board nickname.

The contest will be open for entries until midnight Saturday, August 27th – that is, the day before Inter’s opening game. Sunday, September 11, the new day of Inter's opening game.

Just to show you how much fun our Offside Contests are, I have collected some quotes from past winners:

"The bags r awesome, can't wait to make my friend jealous!"
-- Skyder (last year's winner)


"... mailing sealed surprises from overseas makes me a little worried. You didn’t send me drugs, did you?"
-- Drewsef (official Guess The New Coach Winner)

As you can see, happy winners all around. And who wouldn't be with prizes like this up for grabs.

This year I went for a more grab-bag approach, a conucopia of Inter goodness that includes something for all aspects of an Inter fan's life (you will have to use your imagination for the Price Is Right voice over and the scantly clad demo-models).

First, we have work and this stylish USB drive. It is small enough to fit in your wallet yet big enough to hold all your most valuable documents. Imagine the envious stares you will get from your coworkers when you whip this bad boy out at the office!

USB drive
16 gigs of awesomeness!

Next, we have something for the home. This mighty magnet will not only keep things securely pinned to your fridge, it will do it while proclaiming just where your loyalites lay. A real conversation piece for any kitchen decor.

From contemporary to farmhouse, trashing AC Milan goes with any kitchen design.

Lastly, we have something for playtime. Imagine all the hours of joy you will have reliving those triumphant football moments with your very own Adriano action figure - complete with tiny little football. All the kids will want to be your friend just to get a crack at this sweet toy.

VINTAGE! Admit it, you want it. You want it bad.

I know! I really outdid myself this year. And the only way to win is to enter.

So get me those entries at