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The Curse is Broken! Inter 2-1 Fiorentina

We did it! We broke the curse of the San Zero! Inter get their first home win, and against a very good, organized Fiorentina. Things may be finally looking up for poor little Inter Milan.

Claudio Villa - Getty Images

Milito opened the scoring with a converted penalty - a rare thing in the Serie A, where half are missed or saved. He had many great chances throughout the game, I am just glad he made in on the books with a goal. The next one is sure to be from open play.


Milito finally gets a goal! photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.

Cassano was next to score. Which was nice considering his wife, Carolina Marcialis, and his son, Christopher Cassano, were there to watch the game.

Cassano's wife and child: Carolina Marcialis and Christopher Cassano .
photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.

In case you didn't know, she is pregnant again... Which explains Cassano's recent goal celebration.

photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.
He scored that goal for his new baby.... Awwwww.

Oh, and can I just say how nice it is to see the real Samuel again. It has been awhile but I knew he was in there somewhere.

The Wall returns!. photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.

In the end, it is just nice to feel like Inter is finally on the right track again. It has been hard for me to let the old cycle end. At least now I am beginning to see the return on the heartache.

So glad the hugs are back. Let's take this joy all the way through to the Derby!
photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.

As for the great honor of the Grand Imperial Poobah of All Things Inter, unfortunately we will have to go without one for yet another game. Andrea Stramaccione is a tough nut to crack. The official lineup was:


Ranocchia Samuel Juan

Zanetti Gargano Cambiasso Nagatomo


Cassano Milito

Most everyone was close - it was the inclusion of Guarin and/or Periera that really let most of you down. Better luck next time! I am sure we will get it one of these days.

He's a crafty one, our coach... Or at least totally unexpected.
photo by Claudio Villa, Getty Images.

So, a good three points today, even if they did make me sweat for it. We sit third in the table (well, joint third with Lazio) on 12 points, only four off the pace, and we finally won at home. Things may be looking up!


I know, this isn't Inter, but it is a hell of a goal! Miccoli did a Deki against Chievo today!