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Relive the January 2010 Inter v Milan Derby with the BBC

Relive the fantastic treble year and derby win with the BBC and their radio documentary: A Night at the Opera - Inter Milan v AC Milan. An in depth look at the beating heart of Milan with David Goldblat and John Foot. The derby is tomorrow, get yourself in the proper mood and listen.

The Documentary - The Power And The Passion

A Night at the Opera - Inter Milan v AC Milan, by David Goldblatt

"For decades Inter fans have considered themselves the unlucky ones, in the shadow of Milan's domestic and European glory. Milan fans talk patronisingly of them as the idiot cousins, to be tolerated and allowed to share stadium space with. But not anymore.

Since 2006 Inter have gone on to win successive championships whilst Milan have begun to wane. An old team presided over by a figure who divides Italian society and whose own powers might be on the wane - Silvio Berlusconi. His political power built on the spectacle and glory of Milan in the 1990s. This night is perhaps their last chance to haul Inter back into a title fight.

Many derbies are characterised by hatred, fear and loathing. But here you can see friends, even families supporting both sides, and walking alongside each other to the match. Milan have, traditionally been the club of the city's working class, Inter the club of artists, intellectuals and the elite.

Much has changed since Berlusconi used Milan to create a spectacle of football, full of bling and hyperbole to project his political ambitions on a national stage. That's merely the backdrop for a fixture and a game that permeates every sector of Italian society.

In the company of Calcio historian John Foot, I speak to a leading architect and to a hooligan about what football and the Derby della Madonnina - named after the city's great statue of the Virgin Mary at the top of the Duomo Cathedral - means to all.

Listen as I find out how faith, power, dreams and paranoia clash in the dark night of the San Siro."

Click here to listen.

Forza Inter.

For a visual history of the Derby, check out this gallery. Fun with Photoshop!