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Saturday's News and Notes


An actual gosh darn preview will be done later today, like tonight, but for right now there is some stuff to keep us all up to date.

Cassano's intro to the media as a member of Internazionale courtesy of More can be found here.

"Antonio Cassano is happy, as he repeated several times during his press conference. He explained why: "Now I'm at a club that has decided to rebuild a team and try to win things. Inter have made a load of signings and they're all good. That's not the case elsewhere. Here everyone wanted me, unanimously. Wes, Zanetti, everyone. I'm here for Nagatomo too. I've got a thing for him and he'll find out soon because I'm going to play lots of jokes on him! He's my favourite already. Everyone here has given me a great welcome. I'm happy, I feel good. I want to win here and I'll do all I can to make everyone happy."

Antonio was asked who he would pick to play up front for Inter. He smiled: "Milito, Palacio, Sneijder. I've only been here for three days... When will I make my debut? That's up to the coach to decide. I'm only 50, 60% at the moment."

Cassano also revealed that he has spoken to "all my Milan team-mates because they were sorry that I left. Is it a shame Pazzini is no longer here now that I've joined? Giampaolo is a friend of mine. I hoped I would come here and he would stay but as he's said himself he's happy and it's right that he should look for a new challenge. At least people were honest with him here. They told him what the situation was straight away... Have I spoken to Ibra? We do speak, yes, but I want to keep to myself what he said to me. Gattuso hasn't said anything wrong either. It's not the players who are to blame. Some people just wash their hands like Pontius Pilate..."

On the subject of comings and goings, Cassano was quizzed about Maicon. "I asked him about his future and he said 'We'll see, I don't know'. All I can say is that if he were to stay I'd be the happiest man in the world." Then, turning to Branca, he quickly added "But don't fine me already! I'm not getting involved, just saying I'd be sorry."

Can you play as a target man? That was another question put to Cassano. He laughed and replied: "Target man? No, I'm no good. I'm not Milito. I've always played as a second striker. If the situation arises where I have to do a job in another role I will. Just maybe not as full-back..."

What about targets for the season? FantAntonio has no doubt about the Nerazzurri's chances: "Inter are definitely in the running. With the players that have been brought in we're second to none. We're in the running and we'll go for it. We can win things here. I want to be successful with this team, with this shirt."

Alvaro Pereira's intro to the media with considerably less fanfare than Cassano, courtesy of

"Alvaro Pereira landed at Milano Malpensa airport a few minutes ago along with Nerazzurri technical director Marco Branca. He was immediately surrounded by a host of journalists who wanted to meet him and introduce him to their readers.

The Uruguayan left-sider spoke of his joy at being in Italy: "Inter is a dream: you just cannot imagine how much this club is loved and supported abroad. Inter is every player's dream and even more so in South America. I'm happy. The thought of playing for Inter is simply amazing. I can't wait to get the medical over so I can join the squad."

It was pointed out to Pereira that his name is Alvaro just like a certain Mr Recoba: "I have always watched Alvaro Recoba playing," he said smiling,"I've always followed his career."

No sooner had he arrived than he made his intentions clear: "Let's hope we can win a lot of trophies so we can make the Inter fans happy. I'll team up with Gargano and Guarin, fortunately I have these friends here who will help me settle in with the rest of the squad quickly. Where do I prefer to play? What's important now is being at Inter and meeting my team-mates. What have Guarin and Gargano told me? That Inter is a fantastic club."

Ahead to Pescara


The 23 man squad that has been made available for the opening game of the season is out with a surprise or two:

Goalkeepers: 12 Castellazzi, 27 Belec, 32 Cincilla;

Defenders: 4 Zanetti, 6 Silvestre, 23 Ranocchia, 25 Samuel, 33 Mbaye, 40 Juan, 42 Jonathan, 44 Bianchetti, 55 Nagatomo;

Midfielders: 10 Sneijder, 14 Guarin, 19 Cambiasso, 21 Gargano, 24 Benassi, 41 Duncan;

Forwards: 7 Coutinho, 22 Milito, 81 Longo, 88 Livaja, 99 Cassano.

Notice that Gargano and Cassano are already part of the call ups. More will be discussed on this topic I am sure, but the thought is that there will be a Christmas Tree sighting with Cassano and Sneijder behind Milito and a midfield three of Cambiasso, Guarin and Gargano.

As I said there will be more later tonight as I try to get back in the swing of a full blown season and European competition while the pool is still open.